Garage attendants are mostly hired by companies who have a high need for handling a parking problem. Popular employers for garage attendants include large conglomerates, hotels and healthcare facilities due to the huge amount of vehicles involved.

In general, garage attendants greet customers and take over their cars from them so that they can find a good parking space for them while they attend to their business. When customers return, it is the responsibility of a garage attendant to bring the car back so that customers can go home.

Parking and retrieving cars is not all that garage attendants do. This is a position of responsibility where garage attendants are required to keep track of car keys and cars and also take payment for their services. If you are wondering what to write in a resume for this position, the following resume sample will interest you.


Garage Attendant Resume Sample


Robin Cole
554 Walter Drive, Martinsburg, WV 23451
(999) 999-1249, robin @ email . com

PROFILE: A customer service oriented individual with a friendly disposition and positive attitude. Highly experienced in driving and parking cars in accordance to the company’s regulations. In depth knowledge of handling auxiliary work duties such as ticket dispensing and cash collection.

✔ Parking vehicles✔ Maintaining inventory and records
✔ Collecting tickets✔ Preparing daily cashier report
✔ Making deposits✔ Sanitation of work area

• Introduced and implemented a system that was aimed at keeping all parking equipment in good working order
• Proved to be an active team player in fixing parking meters and ticket spitters
• Worked with the management to put together a business parking incentive plan
• Trained three lots of garage attendants in record time for the new parking lot’s inauguration


Holiday Hotels and Resorts, Martinsburg, WV | June 2010 – Present
Garage Attendant

• Greet guests as they arrive at the hotel’s entrance
• Ask guests if they need valet parking services
• Take keys from car owners and any instructions related to the car in question
• Issue parking tickets or assist with operating ticket spitters
• Drive cars to appropriate parking space and park cars
• Wait for guests to come out and obtain tickets from them
• Take payments in exchange of services rendered
• Locate guests’ vehicles in the garage or parking lot and retrieve it
• Drive the car to the point where the guests await and hand it to over
• Ensure the safety of the car while the guests are away

Sears Holdings, Martinsburg, WV | January 2009 – May 2010
Parking Lot Attendant

• Ensured cleanliness and maintenance of parking lot
• Removed debris from work area
• Drove customers’ and visitors’ cars to the appropriate parking lot
• Retrieved cars when customers and visitors return
• Took necessary measures to ensure safety of car at all times

Raymond High School, Martinsburg, WV – 2008
High School Diploma