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Parking Lot Attendant Resume Sample

Parking lot attendants work at the parking lots to guide vehicle owners in parking their cars systematically. They work at hotels, commercial areas, automobile companies, and local government parking. In a parking lot attendant resume, an applicant should mention the following skills:  Physical Dexterity Customer Service Communication Attention to Detail Can-do Attitude Ability to work… Read More »

Valet Parking Job Description for Resume

With the parking crises becoming more and more intense as traffic increases, the need for valet parking attendants is also increasing. Valet parking attendants work in many settings including hotels, restaurants and hospitals. For large scale events, they are even hired to handle the parking needs of guests at parties and weddings. The basic qualification… Read More »

Valet Parking Attendant Skills for Resume

Have you ever sat down and thought about how skilled you are? If you haven’t, maybe it is time that you did because you will need to mention them on your resume. Skills are a fundamental need if you want to do anything at the workplace. Lack of skills will drop your candidature down a… Read More »

Garage Attendant Resume Sample

Garage attendants are mostly hired by companies who have a high need for handling a parking problem. Popular employers for garage attendants include large conglomerates, hotels and healthcare facilities due to the huge amount of vehicles involved. In general, garage attendants greet customers and take over their cars from them so that they can find… Read More »