Valet Parking Attendant Resume Sample

Updated on: March 10, 2019

Eye-catching resumes for valet parking attendant position end up in interview calls.

Why take a chance with an ordinary resume then?

Did you know that you do not need to put everything you have done in the past in your resume?

You can actually leave things such as interests and hobbies out as employers will have no use for them.

There is no need to fill your resume with irrelevant information that is useless to the employer as it will just agitate him, prompting him to put your resume down and pick up another one.

Instead, focus your valet parking attendant skills, qualifications and experiences.

Relevant resumes such as the sample below are the only ones that work.

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Valet Parking Attendant Resume Sample


Michael Long

212 Armor Road ● Dumont ● NJ 22221 ● (999) 999-9999 ● michlong @ email . com


Service-oriented Valet Parking Attendant with 9+ years’ experience in driving and parking vehicles of different types and transmissions. Effectively able to communicate with guests or clients in a pleasant manner to create a positive environment ensuring repeat business.

• Adept at calculating parking charges based on time slots and special parking spaces.
• Proficient in patrolling parking areas to prevent vehicle damage and theft by warding off potential troublemakers.
• Deep insight into directing motorists to parking areas and spaces by using designated hand signals.


• Ticket Issuance • Tagging • Patrolling
• Safety Protocols • Access Control • Vehicle Security
• Key Booth Management • Parking Lot Supervision • Lot Maintenance
• Tier-1 Services • Communication • Safe Vehicle Retrieval


THE CHASE PARK PLAZA, Dumont, NJ (6/2010 to Present)
Valet Parker

• Greet guests/clients as they arrive and inquire if they would like their vehicles parked.
• Take keys from drivers and provide them with corresponding tickets and tags.
• Drive both manual and automatic transmission vehicles to designated parking lots and park them safely.
• Ascertain that all parked cars are properly locked and raise alarms for those that aren’t.
• Patrol parking lots to ensure that no nefarious activity is taking place and apprehend perpetrators.
• Receive tags and tickets from clients and retrieve their cars from parking lots.
• Direct drivers so that they can locate parking spaces within the parking area.
• Ascertain the cleanliness and maintenance of the parking areas.

Key Accomplishments
• Prevented a theft from taking place by keeping a vigilant eye out and following up in suspicious activity in the parking lot.
• Streamlined the parking procedure by implementing processes to decrease backlog by 55%.

AVON RESORT, Dumont, NJ (1/2007 to 5/2010)
Parking Attendant

• Handled access control duties by ensuring that traffic is efficiently handled within the parking lot.
• Directed motorists to vacant parking spaces and ensured that they park their vehicles properly.
• Patrolled the parking area to thwart any thefts or acts of vandalism.
• Assisted motorists in maneuvering their vehicles out of parking spaces and help them find exits.
• Ascertain that overall cleanliness and maintenance of the parking area by coordinating custodial activities.

Key Accomplishments
• Introduced a ticket issuance system through which printed tickets were provided to clients, making it easy to track vehicles.
• Implemented access control procedures, reducing traffic blocks at the entrance of the parking lot by 80%.

High School Diploma



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