2 Restaurant Server Resume Samples

Updated on: March 16, 2022

Restaurant servers are an important part of the foodservice industry.

They are usually the first people customers meet when they enter an establishment, and it is up to them to portray a positive image of the employer.

They offer seats to customers, present menus, take and relay orders, and manage the cleanliness of tables/work areas.

A restaurant server must ensure the accuracy and efficiency of orders.

As foodservice industry needs to hire the best personnel; so, if you are applying for a restaurant server position, you will need to portray yourself as the most excellent candidate.

Your resume is key to showing a prospective employer how well-suited you are for a restaurant server position. Your resume should reflect your hospitality awareness and customer care abilities.

If you are looking to earn a handsome salary (along with tips) as a restaurant server, then the following resume samples will help you write a great resume based on your experience level.

Restaurant Server Resume Sample 1

Young Ted
560 Mary Lane
Rockingham, NC 63900
(009) 145-4141


Results-driven and passionate Server with 15+ years of experience in providing excellent tier-one services to restaurant customers. Proficient in greeting patrons, providing them with menus, taking orders, and relaying the same to the kitchen. Exceeded customers’ expectations by ensuring a professional demeanor and light humor. Proven record of ensuring accuracy and efficiency of orders. A team player who makes the most of his skills in a fast-paced and collaborative environment.

• Well organized
• Talented in maintaining priorities
• Self-directed with the ability to take the initiative
• Dependable and punctual
• Excellent communication skills
• Capable of standing for long hours
• Able to work under pressure


Restaurant Server
Crestline Hotels, Rockingham, NC
2010 – Present
• Seat customers as they arrive and provide the menu
• Assist customers in ordering decisions by providing information on menu items
• Serve welcome drinks and take orders
• Relay orders to the kitchen, and ensure accuracy and speed of order
• Deliver orders to customers after ensuring the quality and quantity of food
• Serve beverages as requested
• Clean tables and clear dishes
Key Achievements
• Increased sales of the hotel brewed wine by providing information and suggesting food-wine combinations
• Handled particularly irate patrons by diffusing the situation using tact and ensuring recurring business

Server Assistant
Concord Hospitality, Rockingham, NC
2007 –  2010
• Bussed tables with dishware and flatware
• Cleaned tables and changed the tablecloths
• Carried customer orders from the kitchen to tables
• Fill water glasses and offer welcome drinks
• Provided customers with checks and took payments
Key Achievements
• Attained “Employee of the Year” award following provision of excellent customer feedback.
• Played a vital role in the success of the restaurant’s first-anniversary party by providing on-time and efficient banquet services.

High School Diploma
Rockingham City School, Rockingham, NC

Restaurant Server Resume Sample 2

Aiden Hal
778 Cypress Road, La Place, LA 65985
(000) 121-4342
aidhal @ email . com


Customer service-oriented individual with 6+ years’ vast experience in providing food services in busy restaurant environments. Highly developed skills in order taking, along with a deep insight into managing customer complaints and providing viable solutions.


  • Demonstrated ability to deal with patrons in an attentive, friendly, and service-oriented manner.
  • Special talent for providing suggestions based on each patron’s specific tastes.
  • Effectively able to handle bartending and bussing duties, with a special focus on providing quality services.
  • Successful in suggestive selling to meet the restaurant’s financial goals.


  • Bussing
  • Banquet Setup
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Payment Handling
  • Food Preparation
  • Cleaning and Sanitation
  • Inventory Support
  • Reservations Handling


Restaurant Server
(May 2019 – Present)
• Greet patrons and ask them for their sitting preference.
• Escort customers or patrons to their tables and present menus.
• Provide information on daily specials and any deals that the restaurant may be offering.
• Suggest menu items according to each patron’s taste and liking.
• Take and record orders for food items and beverages and provide customers with delivery timelines.
• Relay orders to the kitchen and follow up on them to ensure timely delivery.
• Fill water glasses and serve food and beverages to customers.
• Inquire into preferences for additional orders and record orders appropriately.
• Assist in the preparation of bills and process cash and credit card payments.
• Clean tables before and after customers arrive and ensure that all restaurant areas are kept clean.
Key Accomplishments
• Increased customer base by 10% by suggesting children’s meals in the menu.
• Handled the POS for an entire month during the absence of the cashier.

Cafeteria Assistant
(Jan 2017 – May 2019)
• Took and recorded orders for food items and beverages and ensured that they were relayed to the kitchen area.
• Followed up on relayed orders to ensure timely delivery and served orders to students and staff members after ensuring their accuracy.
• Cleaned tables and chairs and made sure that they were properly placed.
• Ensured the overall cleanliness and maintenance of the restaurant area.
• Provided food preparation assistance during rush hours or in instances of staff shortages.
Key Accomplishments
• Performed serving work for 250 guests in 2 different gatherings at the restaurant.
• Received the “Best Employee Award” 3 times in a row following exceptional customer service.

High School Diploma

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