Top 5 Accomplishments for a Restaurant Server Resume

Updated on: November 21, 2020

Restaurant servers are the first people customers meet after the initial greeters. This is the prime reason for a restaurant server to possess excellent manners and friendly attitude to ensure the continuity of excellent service.

Restaurant servers are required to ensure that customers have a positive dining experience. They do this by taking accurate orders, asking customers for their choice in drinks and food and delivering the order to the table. This is not all; restaurant servers are also required to look out for customer queries and complaints and manage them appropriately.

Similar to most other positions, restaurant servers are scrutinized during the hiring process. Employers need to make sure that the server they are hiring is accomplished one way or another. This will ensure that the employer’s customers receive the same type of service as the service provider has been commended for.

Below are examples of a restaurant server’s accomplishments which will give you a clear idea of how to write the achievements section of your resume.

5 Sample Accomplishments for a Restaurant Server Resume

  1. Assisted the kitchen staff with cooking activities for three months in the absence of one of the cooks.
  2. Increased the coffee shop’s earnings by $4000 per month, by displaying coffee pictures on windows as a marketing gimmick.
  3. Managed serving activities of two parties simultaneously by employing excellence in serving techniques.
  4. Motivated the serving staff by organizing a self-financed get-together at the restaurant overseen by the management.
  5. Attained Employee of the Year award three times in three years following excellence in food serving and customer service provision.


The accomplishments of a restaurant server can vary from mere personal achievements to more professional ones depending on the personality of the individual and the setting that he or she is working in.