Food Server Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: August 16, 2021
Food Server Job Description

Food servers work in fast-paced, high-volume food service establishments, and hospitality environments.

They work alongside waiters to provide support in taking orders and serving food items to restaurant patrons.

On any typical workday, a food server coordinates orders with the kitchen, sets up trays, ensures that orders are correct, and serve them to waiting customers.

Since customer satisfaction is top of the list in a restaurant environment, it is important for servers to work in a way that will ensure this at every level.

Food Server Duties and Responsibilities for Resume

• Greet customers and assist them with the seat selection.

• Direct customers to reserved tables or assist them in securing their choice of table.

• Serve welcome drinks to customers as they are seated and ask if they would like to order starters.

• Assist waiters in taking orders by writing down each item accurately.

• Repeat the order to ensure accuracy and suggest additional items from the menu.

• Relay orders to the kitchen area and follow up on each order to ensure timely delivery.

• Respond to kitchen calls for readied orders, check each order to ensure accuracy and portion size, and set up trays.

• Deliver orders to customers’ tables and serve them in a polite manner.

• Ask customers if their order is appropriate and if they would like to order anything extra.

• Assist waiters in filling orders for beverages and ensure that the condiments station is always well-stocked.

• Remove dishes from tables when customers leave and ensure that fresh table cloth is installed.

• Place clean dishes, glassware, and flatware on tables and make sure that all tables and chairs are properly cleaned and sanitized.

• Assist in bussing buffet tables and refilling food in dishes, along with ensuring that plates, forks, and spoons are available at all times.

• Offer desserts and drinks and provide information regarding ingredients of both.

Food Server Position Requirements

Typically, a food server does not need to possess more than a high school diploma or a GED. However, if he has had some prior experience in a hospitality environment, it will be easier for him to learn the ropes.

Food Server Skills & Abilities

Some amount of physical dexterity is required of people working at this position, since servers often have to spend long hours on their feet, holding and transporting heavy trays from one place to another.

Customer service acumen and a pleasant personality are two main prerequisites of working at this position.

To be able to do this correctly, food servers need to be exceptionally knowledgeable about the foodservice business and possess an inherent will to please.

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