Bartender Server Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: September 2, 2022
Bartender Server Job Description

A bartender/server greets customers at the restaurant or bar and assists them in finding tables. S/he presents menus and assists customers in choosing their drinks and food.

People working in this capacity need to possess exceptional awareness of cocktails and drinks so that they can provide this information to customers.

Once a customer orders his or her drink, it is the duty of a bartender or server to make sure that the drinks are delivered on time and that the accuracy of the order is maintained.

Bartenders/servers work under the direct supervision of a food and beverage manager in bars and restaurants that have dedicated bars.

As a bartender server, you will be performing many (or all) of the following duties. Use these statements to build a good resume for the server bartender position.

Sample Duties for Bartender Server Resume

  • Greet customers as they arrive in the restaurant or the bar and ensure that their seating arrangements are sorted out.
  • Present menus for food and beverages and assist customers in choosing their orders.
  • Take orders beverage and food orders and ensure accuracy of orders by repeating them for confirmation.
  • Relay orders to the bar and the kitchen and ensure that they are followed up on.
  • Create cocktails and other drinks by mixing the correct ingredients.
  • Garnish drinks and ensure that they are aesthetically placed on trays.
  • Carry trays of beverages to customers’ tables and place them in front of them.
  • Transport trays of food items after ensuring the accuracy of order and portion size.
  • Describe menu items to customers and attempt to upsell complementing food and beverage items off the menu
  • Refill drinks and water glasses and ensure that any additional orders are taken and delivered promptly.
  • Provide cashiers with information on items ordered and tally printed bills with order slips.
  • Take and process cash or credit card payments.
  • Thank customers for their business in a courteous manner and in accordance with company policies and training.
Bartender Server Job Requirements

Working in this role requires no formal education. Some employers require a high school diploma or GED.

Adeptness at providing excellent customer service to ensure the recurring business is of extreme importance in this role.