Restaurant Server Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated on: February 3, 2022
Position Overview

Restaurant servers hold a vital role in the foodservice industry.

They greet customers as they arrive, arrange for appropriate seating arrangements, and take orders.

They are expected to be friendly, pleasant, and welcoming in order to attain maximum customer satisfaction, and retention.

Before a restaurant opens, restaurant servers prepare tables, lay napkins, and dishes, and ensure that all flatware is appropriately set.

They are also required to ensure that the menu is available and in good physical condition. Since they take orders, they need to be familiar with what the menu offers and what each menu item consists of.

Another major part of a restaurant server’s job is to handle table bookings.

They mark booked tables and direct or escort customers to them.

Restaurant servers also suggest menu items that they feel customers will like along with ensuring that the customers know of daily specials.

Restaurant Server Duties and Responsibilities

• Greet patrons and customers as they enter the restaurant
• Direct and escort guests to their seats
• Provide menus and suggest menu items
• Provide detailed information on menu items
• Suggest daily specials
• Serve welcome drinks and take orders
• Repeat orders to ensure accuracy
• Relay orders to the kitchen, and ensure that all orders are delivered on time
• Ensure the accuracy and quantity of every order
• Serve food as it arrives, and refill glasses
• Prepare tables by laying tablecloth and dishes
• Offer desserts and drinks to patrons
• Clean tables and dining areas including counters
• Deliver food items to tables in a professional and timely manner
• Ensure that food presentation is up to the mark
• Maintain appropriate stock levels
• Provide customers with checks and take payments
• Attempt to up-sell food and beverage items
• Thank customers as they leave
• Clear tables and clean table tops
• Replace tablecloths and clear dishes
• Ensure fresh dishes are set on all tables for next customers