Restaurant Server Qualifications and Skills for Resume

Updated on: December 23, 2020

Restaurant servers are employed by casual food service settings and dining restaurants and aim to provide exceptional services to guests and customers.

The primary task of a server is to greet and customers, offer a seat to them, take food and beverage orders, and deliver orders promptly, accurately, and efficiently.

While this position is generally one that is of a support role, restaurant servers have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders as they are accountable for maintaining the first contact with customers and need to make a positive impression at all times.

A restaurant server needs to be customer service-oriented with a high focus on delivering quality services.

When a server is hired, an employer pays special attention to their communication skills, adaptability, and the ability to work in a team environment.

Take a look at some example phrases of the summary of qualifications and skills for a Restaurant Server Resume.

Sample Qualifications and Skills for Restaurant Server Resume

• Demonstrated skills in greeting customers, presenting menus, taking food orders, and expediting them through the kitchen

• Familiar with standard restaurant operations and safe beverage service

• Well versed in preparing basic food and salads

• Documented success in making relations to guests through friendly attitude

• Known for handling multiple tables simultaneously

• An upbeat professional who has a proven talent for reading guests and anticipating their needs

• Very competent at serving food and attending to the customers’ needs

• Special talent for clearing and cleaning tables and washing dishes

• Able to charge customers and get payments through cash or credit cards

• Comprehensive knowledge of POS system

• Skilled in verifying guest checks and securing proper payment

• Able to perform general preparation work under the supervision of the restaurant manager

• Demonstrated ability to maintain an appropriate condition and sanitation of dining areas and servicing tools

Additional Skills for Restaurant Server Resume

An ideal candidate for the position of a server needs to be able to expedite orders, attend to customers’ needs, assist in cashing out the register and possess a strong desire to fulfill the wishes of the customers at all times.

Additionally, a server must maintain the ability to engage in casual conversation with customers without sounding too personal.

Some restaurants train their servers to be able to work in other fields as well such as cooking and cleaning so that in the event of another member of the staff’s absence, the server can substitute. This is one of the reasons that restaurant owners like their staff to be able to multitask and take over the responsibilities of other departments when the need occurs.

Mainly, a restaurant server needs to be able to handle pressure well along with the ability to set priorities and make decisions based on quality.

Since a server’s job is that of the first tier (first contact with the customer), it is essential that he or she is well dressed and well-spoken.

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