What to Put on a Retail Resume?

Updated on: March 27, 2021

Gone are the days when you could get a job in a retail environment by visiting a retail store and filling out a form.

Competition is much more robust now, and employers tend to look for people who are proactive and able to work in harmony with the very high demands of a retail store.

A resume is one of the first steps in the hiring process for someone working in a retail environment.

However, a resume that can interest an employer needs to be compelling.

Remember that the retail world is now very prone to competitiveness, and only the very proactive and energetic people are hired.

So how does one show an employer that s/he is upbeat without the benefit of an interview?

It is not too hard to do. A resume can be a great way of communicating your skills, qualifications, and experience based on which an employer can make an employment decision.

Let us have a look at what we can put on a resume that is built primarily for a position in retail:

What to Put on a Retail Resume?

Your Name and Contact Details

Mention your name and contact details at the very beginning of your resume.

Summary Or Objective Statement

An employer needs to know how you qualify for a retail position. Provide information in the objective or summary statement on how you fit in.

Write down your knowledge of working in fast-paced retail environments and customer service acumen.

Show your skills in handling customers’ issues in a hands-on manner.

Also, provide information on your knowledge of product placement, which can go a long way in telling the employer how much you know about retail.

Core Competencies/Areas of expertise

List your significant competencies and retail skills in bullet form. Include relevant keyword/buzz words in this section.


Working in retail is all about what your retail accomplishments are. A 50% increment in the customer base, successfully reopening 20% of dormant customer accounts, and meeting or exceeding targets given to you can be a positive eye-full for the employer. Use figures to put your point across.

Professional Experience

Relevant experience is a great thing to rely on. After all, what is more, potent in the retail world than the fact that you have “done it all before”? List your experience – everything from greeting customers to providing after-sales services!


Mention your highest level of education. You may also write previous educations/degrees if they are relevant to the retail job.

Soft Skills

Selling is a great skill, but it is often backed up by other soft skills such as communication, listening, and problem resolution.

Do not be shy – list all the skills that you feel will help you obtain the job.

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