Food Processor Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: December 25, 2020

Food processors handle different types of food products intending to cooking, cutting, preparing, and packaging them. They usually cook and pack large quantities of food products and make them ready to be transported to a supermarket or a restaurant.

Things have become so comfortable with packaged food that you can find in the grocery store – packaged beans, vegetables, and even meats are a treat to buy and cook as they take little time and are incredibly convenient.

The people behind these “conveniences” are food processors who spend days and weeks, making sure that you get what you need to make your life easier.

The job of a food processor is not only cutting, cooking, and packing food items.

S/he is also expected to ensure that quality is kept in check at each stage of processing.

There is a lot of supervision involved, and the need to adhere to sanitation protocols is high. More duties of a food processor include:

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Food Processor Duties and Responsibilities to Use in a Resume

• Receive food processing orders and ensure that plans are laid out to follow orders

• Startup food processing machinery at the beginning of each day

• Ensure that food processing machinery is set to the type of processing it is required to do, that is, temperature and time, etc

• Ensure a constant supply of raw materials on the production line and report low supply

• Adjust the speed and consistency of the conveyor belt so that it meets processing requirements

• Keep a constant lookout at temperature gauges to ensure proper cooling/heating

• Receive raw materials, check them for accurate quantity and store them in proper places

• Measure ingredients according to the formula provided

• Process a mix of ingredients into the machinery by ensuring the exact quantity

• Check finished products for accuracy and make sure that any inconsistencies are addressed immediately

• Cut or slice processed products according to instructions provided

• Pack the processed materials into boxes or plastic according to their types

• Weigh processed items and place weight tags on them

• Place packaged items into freezers or other containers to keep them fresh

• Label packed materials with names and expiry dates

• Assist with loading processed and packaged items onto delivery trucks and vans

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