Retail Assistant Manager Cover Letter Example

Updated on: April 20, 2022

The retail world needs a lot of management expertise which is where retail assistant managers come in.

Reporting to the retail manager, retail assistant managers are required to manage a retail store in terms of customer services, handling, and scheduling shift changes, placing orders, and looking after stock and inventory.

Being a retail assistant manager comes with a lot of responsibility as a retail store is usually run on this individual’s shoulders.

On a more detailed note, a retail assistant manager is expected to help achieve the store’s targets in terms of sales and to ensure that products are displayed appropriately.

When applying for a retail assistant manager job, you may encounter some difficulty putting forward your best skills.

Let us see how you can do that effectively in a cover letter.

Retail Assistant Manager Cover Letter Sample

37 M. William Way
Eight Mile, AL 99999
(000) 954-5211
mole @ email . com

April 20, 2022

Mr. David Ballard
Manager Human Resources
3499 Terry Cove Street
Eight Mile, AL 77121

Dear Mr. Ballard:

I am writing to apply for the Retail Assistant Manager position at Goodwill. My previous experience in the retail arena and relevant skill set is an excellent match for your job description. With a great love for managing a retail environment, I put forward the benefit of my potential and passion in order to be a real contributor to Goodwill.

I have always thrived in an atmosphere that offers challenge and excitement which is why I have been successful in a number of feats in my previous place of work – increasing sales by 68% being top of the list!

Demonstrating excellence in meeting self-targets and those of the company I am a force to reckon with as I believe in running tight management which is conducive to working proficiently both in terms of employee and store management. My people skills allow me to interact with the staff in an extremely professional manner while keeping enough of a personal attitude to keep the motivation flowing.

This opportunity and my qualifications are a match that is worthy of discussion on a more personal level which is why I would like to meet you in person soon. Thank you for your time and consideration in reviewing my application. I look forward to learning about your objectives for this position too!

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Berta Mole

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