Retail Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 26, 2018

Retail managers are an integral part of a retail setting as they are responsible for managing both store operations and sales teams. They are expected to represent the store professionally while creating a productive work environment.

Retail managers need to possess many skills and leadership qualities that are pertinent to this job – which they will need to portray in their cover letters when applying for a job in this capacity. The purpose of a Retail Manager cover letter, which is supposed to accompany your resume, is to introduce yourself and induce an employer to find out more about you through your resume.

Grab the employer’s attention by using the Retail Manager covering letter sample below.


Sample Cover Letter for Retail Manager Resume


44 Hull Street
Simpsonville, SC 66288

August 26, 2018

Mr. Curtis Kender
Manager HR
33 Cavalier Drive
Simpsonville, SC 83922


Dear Mr. Kender:

I am writing to apply for the position of Retail Manager at K-Mart, as advertised on your website. With a track record of success developing and leading sales teams in a retail environment, I deem myself an ideal candidate for this position.

Your advertisement states that you are looking for someone who has a keen understanding of customer and market dynamics. I possess all these qualities and more. The eight years that I have spent working for retail environments exemplify integrity that is the core of a leader. My planning and organization skills increased sales of CarMax Retail by 60% in a single year.

Moreover, I have a profound ability to create and maintain a customer-focused culture. To achieve the retail goals, I effectively hire and train retail staff to make the most of their potential. With my positive attitude and excellent customer service skills, I would adapt to your store’s environment and create and implement strategies to drive sales profitably.

This opportunity excites me immensely, and I would like to discuss my candidacy in more detail. I will call your secretary after few days to confirm the receipt of my application and arrange an interview. Please give me a call at (000) 187-2584 if you need any further information that my resume does not provide.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Chloe Ford

Enc. Resume