13 Retail Accomplishments & Achievements for Resume

Updated: October 28, 2022

Retail professionals work under a number of job titles and in different retail environments, and their main work is to act as the first point of contact and sell whatever they are marketing.

They can work in a store that sells clothes or one that sells cars – no matter where they work, their job duty is to ensure sales.

Since this is a sales-oriented job, they need to ensure that they accomplish most of what they are expected to.

The following is a list of accomplishments that a retail professional may be expected to show in a resume or cover letter.

13 Sample Achievements for Retail Resume

  1. Increased sales by $6000 per month by employing aggressive upselling strategies.
  2. Achieved sales targets by 100% through exceptional convincing power.
  3. Realized self-targets by 80% following merit in strategic sales planning and execution.
  4. Reorganized the store inventory, making the system 30% more efficient than before.
  5. Increased company revenue by $50000 per year by actively employing powerful suggestive selling techniques.
  6. Increased customer base by 20% by offering existing customers exceptional services, resulting in word-of-mouth marketing.
  7. Exceeded sales goals consistently between the years 2020 and 2021, and eventually obtained the “Retail Assistant of the Year” award for three consecutive years.
  8. Reduced the inventory management cost by 50% by introducing a novel, dynamic inventory system.
  9. Suggested employment of visual merchandising efforts, which increased customer interest in the company’s products.
  10. Reconciled a particularly stubborn cash entry, which would have cost the company $10,000 in loss if not been managed.
  11. Successfully closed the company’s biggest sale in one day, amounting to $58,000, by proactively providing excellent customer service.
  12. Trained 15 retail sales associates in building productive trust relationships with customers, over a period of 3 years.
  13. Surpassed the company sales goals by 50%, as opposed to the required 32%.

Position Overview

Retail professionals are usually given sales targets that they need to meet and exceed. They need to ensure that they meet both the store’s targets and their own.

These professionals do not only manage sales; they may also be expected to maintain inventory and stocking activities along with ensuring that all shelves in a store are stocked appropriately.

They also ensure that the visual appearance of the store that they are working for is maintained to protect the company’s image positively.