Job Description for Assistant Store Manager in Retail

Updated on: April 17, 2022
General Overview

The retail world is a challenging one; many retail stores hire the services of many store managers who are required to handle the long hours that the retail environment provides.

That means in one retail outlet, between two and three different store managers (and the same number of assistant store managers) will work to cover the long hours of operation.

Job Scope

Typically, assistant store managers support the senior managers in handling the various tasks of the retail establishment they are working in.

Assistant store managers are responsible for scheduling, staffing, and supervising duties along with ensuring that all store operations are efficiently handled.

They also assist store managers in hiring and training new employees to work in the retail environment.

Assistant store managers are required to provide direct customer services by assisting customers in making purchases and taking them through the payment procedure.

The role of an assistant store manager in a retail environment encompasses many duties and challenges. Some of these duties are listed below.

Assistant Retail Store Manager Duties and Responsibilities

• Schedule work duties for retail store employees.

• Manage lunch and break schedules for all employees.

• Ensure that any absentee employee’s shift is covered.

• Supervise the activities of store employees to ensure that they are working following the store’s policies and protocols.

• Assign job duties to each employee and ensure that these duties are being carried out properly.

• Hire new employees and assist in training them to work properly in a retail environment.

• Assist in ensuring that the day-to-day activities of the store are managed appropriately.

• Oversee the work of employees and manage disciplining activities when required.

• Maintain direct contact with customers and assist them in ensuring a positive shopping experience.

• Assist store manager in driving sales and achieving predefined targets.

• Manage control of costs and losses.

• Order merchandise and ensure that all stocks are maintained at all times.

• Receive deliveries and ensure that warehouse activities are being managed properly.

• Handle cash registers and oversee payment activities.

• Perform bookkeeping and cash balancing activities.

• Ensure that the quality of all displayed products is up to the mark.

• Make sure that each employee is delivering the highest level of customer service.

• Ensure store security by coordinating the efforts of security personnel and overseeing security systems.

• Maintain awareness of market trends and competition to ensure excellence in customer services.

• Respond to customers’ complaints and diffuse critical situations.