How to Write a Professional Resume for Retail Jobs?

Updated on: June 26, 2021

What would we do in a world devoid of retail?

Our lives depend highly on the things that we buy from retail stores.

Everything from clothes to food, the retail world provides us. Since it has such high significance in people’s lives, it only makes sense that retail environments hire the best people they can to work for them.

It is not only the number of customers that a retailer needs to handle – it is also the quality with which the handling needs to be managed.

What to Put on a Retail Resume?

An individual hoping to secure a job in the retail world will need to be especially careful when creating his or her resume. Why?

Simply because there are so many choices out there and if your resume doesn’t stand out, it won’t stand a chance!

So, what does one put in a retail resume to make it shine?

1. Skills Section

A retail resume must always have a skills section that denotes that the candidate is good in most or all of the following areas.

Customer Service, Sales and Upselling, Store Budgeting, Visual Merchandising, Shipping and Stocking, Vendor Relations, Design and Display, Store Management, Human Resources, Public Relations, Supervision and Training, Information Technology.

2. Achievements Section

But this is just the skills section of your retail resume. The achievements section is also critical. Before it is decided that a candidate will be hired for a position within a retail environment, a hiring manager always looks at his resume to determine what he or she has achieved in previous jobs. The use of the following action words can help your case along:

  • Administered
  • Improved
  • Analyzed
  • Increased
  • Evaluated
  • Directed
  • Designed
  • Supervised
  • Conceptualized

This list can go on and on, depending on what contributions you have made to a retail store.

3. Work Experience Section

Next comes your experience. You can go wild here!

Talk about all that you have done in previous retail roles. Mention specific duties such as assisting customers in making purchasing choices, providing support in handling visual merchandising efforts, and of course, meeting your sales targets regularly.

4. Education Section

If you have a business degree, your retail resume can become all the more profound. Mention your majors – if your major is in retail, can you imagine the glee on a hiring manager’s face when he sees your resume?

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