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30 Best Resume Introduction Examples

A resume introduction or resume header is usually a career objective or a summary statement. It introduces you as a suitable candidate to the potential recruiters. First impressions matter a lot when it comes to resume writing. Your resume introduction will determine whether or not your resume will get a full read or not. Here… Read More »

Actor Resume Skills and Abilities

The skills section is the most important section of any resume. This section presents your capabilities and potential and communicates what you can do for the recruiter if hired. When reading this section recruiters are unconsciously trying to fit your profile or match it against the required role. Here are some tips that will help… Read More »

10 Small Business Owner Resume Summary Examples

A career summary is the first part of a small business owner’s resume. Essentially your first impression depends on this statement. The time and research invested in writing an effective resume summary are always worth it. A well-written resume summary can help you: • Showcase your marketable skills that are relevant to the job• Highlight… Read More »

Small Business Owner Resume Sample

A small business owner might need a resume to rejoin the workforce, establish a new partnership, or while seeking additional income through consultancy. Any line of work, in form of a job or self-employment, yields a certain skill set that is not only marketable but also presentable in a resume. Skills to be showcased in… Read More »

Sample Combination Resume for Career Change

A combination resume is a very good choice if you are seeking a career change. An effective combination resume strikes a balance between the candidate’s skills set and previous work experience. The purpose of a combination resume is to highlight your relevant and transferable skills. How to Write a Great Combination Resume for Career Change?… Read More »

Sample of Combination Resume for Fresh Graduates

How to Write a Great Combination Resume for Fresh Graduates? A combination resume for fresh graduates must ideally start with a career objective statement. Make sure that the objective is to the point and summarizes your professional goals while also highlighting your most relatable personality traits and skills. A combination resume basically highlights the candidate’s… Read More »