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Top 20 Skills Statements for a 16-Year-Old’s Resume

When you are on the brink of professional life and want to obtain your first job, it is often difficult to convince a hiring manager that you are skilled enough to do the job. But even without the benefit of experience, you can effectively highlight your skills in a number of areas. Apart from soft… Read More »

Generic Professional Summary for Resume | 5 Examples

There is no doubt about the fact that a professional summary is the crowning glory of a resume. It is important to begin your resume by using a professional summary because this way, a hiring manager can effectively determine your skills by just looking at the beginning of your most important job application document. It… Read More »

Entrepreneur Resume Objective (7+ Examples)

An entrepreneur’s resume objective should highlight the individual’s skills and abilities in starting and overseeing a business or project. The objective will serve to tell the hiring manager that you are a great person to hire, and will be immediately contributory. However, writing a resume objective is not all that easy, and requires great insight… Read More »

20 Basic Skills for Resume (Complete Guidance)

Skills are an essential part of a resume. It does not matter which position you are applying for – if the skills section is missing, there is a huge chance that your resume will not be considered. Writing your skills in a dedicated skills section will make it easy for the hiring manager to match… Read More »

Entry Level Photographer Resume With No Experience

You can apply for a photographer position even if have no experience in hand – provided that your resume is properly written. In your resume for this position, ensure that you highlight your training and skills. Specifically mention that you are the right person to hire as a photographer because you have the right training… Read More »

Video Editor Resume Sample

Video editing is one of the most important steps in making a film. Therefore, a video editor is an important individual for any organization looking to hire one. That is why the applicant’s resume must be excellently written, with solid information on their skills, qualifications, experience, and accomplishments. When writing a resume for a video… Read More »

Land Surveyor Resume Sample and Writing Tips

In order to write an effective resume for a land surveyor job, customize your resume according to the requirements of the prospective employer. In your resume, mention that you have experience in preparing and maintaining sketches, maps, and reports of legal survey descriptions. Also, highlight your experience in calculating site measurements, and handling legal documents… Read More »

College/University Bursar Resume No Experience

A college or university bursar is responsible for managing cashiering and student financial services.  When applying for an entry-level bursar position, you must ensure that your resume holds information about your suitability for this job.   Even if you haven’t worked as a bursar before, you can apply for the job, provided that you know… Read More »