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Top 20 Skills Statements for a 16-Year-Old’s Resume

When you are on the brink of professional life and want to obtain your first job, it is often difficult to convince a hiring manager that you are skilled enough to do the job. But even without the benefit of experience, you can effectively highlight your skills in a number of areas. Apart from soft… Read More »

16 Year Old Cover Letter Example

So you are a high school student or just finished high school, and you are confused about the process of applying for a job. Understandable. It is difficult being a 16 year old and having to write your first ever cover letter. There is not much experience to bank on, and you have never written an… Read More »

Best Cover Letter Example for a 16-Year-Old [+Tips]

So you are 16 years old and searching for your first job? Well, you definitely need a resume and a cover letter to apply for one. Writing a 16 years old cover letter is more difficult as compared to writing a resume because it requires some personalization. How to Write a 16 years old cover letter?… Read More »

Resume Objectives for 16 Years Old

High school students are often intimidated by the task of resume writing. With no experience in hand, creating a good career objective is tricky. The main barrier is a lack of experience. Therefore, it is important to bring all focus on the skills and personal attributes. An objective statement for 16 years old job seeker must… Read More »