Small Business Owner Resume Sample

Updated on: September 10, 2022

A small business owner might need a resume to rejoin the workforce, establish a new partnership, or while seeking additional income through consultancy.

Any line of work, in form of a job or self-employment, yields a certain skill set that is not only marketable but also presentable in a resume.

Skills to be showcased in a Small Business Owner resume strongly depend on the purpose for which the resume is needed.

Below is a sample Small Business Owner resume.

Small Business Owner Resume Sample

Walter Reyes
18 Park House Apartments
Westminster CO 78000
(002) 333 . 6666
walter .r @ email . com

Successful entrepreneur with 5 years of experience in the business management field. Track record of setting up and managing a business with a net annual profit of $50K and successfully handling human resources, product acquisition, sales, marketing, and accounts. Well-versed with the latest technologies and software.

• Human Resources Management • Product Branding
• Sales and Marketing • Bulk Purchasing
• Logistics and Supply Chain Management
• Payroll Processing • E-Commerce & Social Media 


Business Owner
Reyes & Co, Westminster CO
April 2019 – Present

Key Achievements
• Setup and established the business and grew the profits by 100% within 12 months
• Enhanced sales by 40% in the last six months by implementing e-commerce strategies
Key Responsibilities
• Conducted profit loss analysis on a weekly basis
• Supervised bulk purchasing of items
• Recruited employees as required
• Used software to upsell the products
• Managed the social media platforms for marketing purposes
• Trained the employees as and when required
• Managed the finances and logistics for new product acquisitions
• Processed weekly payroll in a systematic manner
• Examined the products, checked their qualities, and supervised display of the same

Marketing Manager
Acme Enterprises, Westminster CO
May 2017 – March 2019

Key Achievements
• Launched an online marketing campaign and exceeded sales target by 200%
• Reduced advertisement cost by $2000 per month by collaborating with marketing partners and sponsors
Key Responsibilities
• Developed, implemented, and executed marketing strategies as required
• Managed the marketing team, hired and trained individuals for marketing
• Designed and executed successful market campaigns to upsell products
• Supervised the social media team in generating meaningful and attractive content to grab the attention of potential customers
• Upsold products and services through effective marketing strategies and sales targets
• Monitored the marketing budget, allocated available funds intelligently utilizing the maximum potential of the marketing team
• Liaised with partners and sponsors to design and launch combine marketing campaigns with the target of upselling existing products and launching new ones

BS Honors Degree in Business Management
International College of Business, Westminster CO

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