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Phone Skills for Resume

Even when technology wasn’t as big as it is now, telephones were a big thing. With most work being performed through the phone nowadays, it is important to possess the right skills. It does not matter which level of the hierarchy you are on. As far as phone skills are concerned, you have to be… Read More »

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Voice Actor Resume Sample

If you are creating a resume for a voice actor position, chances are that you love voice acting! And this love for the work is something that you need to highlight in your resume. It is important to realize that a voice actor’s resume has to contain the right information regarding skills, competencies, experience, and… Read More »

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Fire Inspector Skills

Fire inspector skills are considered paramount to one being hired. It is imperative to mention your skills in a cover letter and a resume when applying for this position. Unfortunately, many applicants fail to do this. And this leads to resumes and cover letters being rejected. However, this can be fixed. Think of what skills… Read More »

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Fire Inspector Resume Sample

Fire Inspector Resume Writing Tips A fire inspector resume should contain information about the applicant’s ability to handle a wide variety of fire prevention activities. In addition, mention the ability to ensure that assigned facilities conform to fire codes and regulations. While it may seem that a resume for a fire inspector position is easy… Read More »

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Entry Level Resume Objective Examples

At the entry level, everything seems difficult, including writing a resume objective statement. But if you pay a little attention to what needs to go into an objective, you won’t have this problem. A resume objective for someone who hasn’t held a job before needs to be excellently written. Resume objectives written for entry-level jobs… Read More »

Quality Inspector Skills for Resume

When you are in the process of writing a resume for a quality inspector position, skills information must be concentrated on. Because skills make applicants shine in front of recruiters, it is important to put this information in. As an applicant for a quality inspector job, you will need to highlight your knowledge of inspecting… Read More »

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Quality Inspector Resume Sample

Even if you are sure about your skills, abilities, and experience for a quality inspector role, you must see how you need to organize all this information into a resume. A Quality Inspector Resume needs to include the reasons that you are good for the job. When developing a resume for a quality inspector position,… Read More »

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Co-curricular and Extracurricular Activities in Resume

It is not alright to put in co-curricular and extracurricular activities in all resumes. In fact, a resume that boasts experience does not need to possess this information. However, for new graduates, or for people who have limited or no experience in hand, putting in this information can be alright. This way, an applicant can… Read More »

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TV News Anchor Resume Objectives Examples

Writing a TV News Anchor resume objective is never a problem if you are aware of what the hiring manager wants to read. And this awareness will only come about if you have done your research properly. A hiring manager will want you to satisfy him or her on at least half of the points… Read More »

TV News Anchor Resume Sample

Working as a TV news anchor seems like a glamorous job, but in actuality, it is a lot of hard work. His or her main work is to present news in a studio, but there is much that goes into this work so that one can actually “present” in a proper manner. Most TV news… Read More »

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