10 Small Business Owner Resume Summary Examples

Updated on: September 10, 2022

A career summary is the first part of a small business owner’s resume. Essentially your first impression depends on this statement.

The time and research invested in writing an effective resume summary are always worth it.

A well-written resume summary can help you:

• Showcase your marketable skills that are relevant to the job
• Highlight the match among your qualifications and job requirements
• Focus on your number of years of successful relevant experience
• Outline your top 3 – 4 core competencies and qualifications
• Boast your entrepreneurship skills and convey your capability in the field
• Grab the recruiters’ attention so they go on reading the full resume

Here are 10 small business owner resume summary examples:

Small Business Owner Resume Summary Examples

1. Seasoned small business owner with 5 years of experience in start-up administration, product sales, profit loss analysis, and employee management. Familiar with the latest e-marketing platforms. Strong drive to succeed. 

2. Target-oriented entrepreneur with excellent people skills, and 7+ years of experience in business analysis, staff management, sales, and marketing. Excellent problem solver with proven ability to partner and liaison with other business holders as required.

3. Self-reliant and passionate small business owner with a track record of upselling products and services, vendor handling, profit loss analysis, and product sourcing. Known for implementing cost-effective business expansion strategies.

4. Highly confident and goal-oriented businessman with expertise in supporting cross-functional teams to increase customer satisfaction. Proven skills in designing and executing strategic plans to enhance sales and increase revenues.

5. Astute business owner with exceptional leadership qualities, along with 5 years of experience in running their own setup. Well-versed in feasibility study, resource generation, business budgeting, employee hiring, and sales review.

6. Focused small business owner with 6 years in retail management. Proficient in business management, employee handling, sale strategy designing, and implementation, and revenue generation through online platforms.

7. Former small call center owner with 11 years of hands-on experience in customer handling, business analysis, employee training, and ensuring proper service delivery. Looking to leverage 60% year-over-year business growth and knowledge of telecom business.

8. Open-minded entrepreneur with excellent leadership and management skills. Professional work ethic and strong business acumen developed over a decade of running a successful retail business. Skills include business designing, management, analysis, and expansion.

9. Outgoing and passionate business owner with 12 years of owning and operating a successful business worth an average of $400K net annual return. Expert in business designing, implementation, sales review, and cost-effective budgeting.

10. Competent and experienced successful small business owner with unparalleled focus and market insight. Expertise includes data analysis, market optimization, and e-commerce.

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