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Top 20 Skills Statements for a 16-Year-Old’s Resume

When you are on the brink of professional life and want to obtain your first job, it is often difficult to convince a hiring manager that you are skilled enough to do the job. But even without the benefit of experience, you can effectively highlight your skills in a number of areas. Apart from soft… Read More »

20 Basic Skills for Resume (Complete Guidance)

Skills are an essential part of a resume. It does not matter which position you are applying for – if the skills section is missing, there is a huge chance that your resume will not be considered. Writing your skills in a dedicated skills section will make it easy for the hiring manager to match… Read More »

Leadership Skills for Teacher Resume

A teacher is not only an individual who passes on concepts to students. He or she is a mentor and a leader. In order for a hiring manager to be convinced of your suitability for a teacher job, you must highlight some or all leadership skills that you possess.   For instance, the ability to… Read More »

Appointment Setter Skills for Resume

When a recruiter sees your resume or cover letter for an appointment setter position, he would primarily want to know what your skills are. Even though the experience is most commonly given priority, it is one’s skills that are considered most important by hiring managers. As an appointment setter, you have to make sure that… Read More »

Talents List for Resume

Nothing is more important to a hiring manager than your talents, aka skills. When you write a resume, it is imperative to show that you are the right person to hire. And it is not possible to do this if you don’t go all out and brag. Where talents are concerned, there is nothing better… Read More »

Actress Resume Skills

An actress needs to be skilled if she wants to get good roles. Not everyone can work as an actress. In fact, only some people have the talent to show in front of millions of viewers. However, even the ones who do have the talent, need to polish them. And when you are applying for… Read More »

Phone Skills for Resume

Even when technology wasn’t as big as it is now, telephones were a big thing. With most work being performed through the phone nowadays, it is important to possess the right skills. It does not matter which level of the hierarchy you are on. As far as phone skills are concerned, you have to be… Read More »

Fire Inspector Skills

Fire inspector skills are considered paramount to one being hired. It is imperative to mention your skills in a cover letter and a resume when applying for this position. Unfortunately, many applicants fail to do this. And this leads to resumes and cover letters being rejected. However, this can be fixed. Think of what skills… Read More »

Quality Inspector Skills for Resume

When you are in the process of writing a resume for a quality inspector position, skills information must be concentrated on. Because skills make applicants shine in front of recruiters, it is important to put this information in. As an applicant for a quality inspector job, you will need to highlight your knowledge of inspecting… Read More »