Position Overview A legal billing specialist is hired by legal firms to provide assistance in handling legal billing services, aiming to ensure that all aspects of the system are properly managed. These individuals need to know much about the inner workings of billing work, in accordance with how it is supposed to be conducted in […]

Position Overview A medical billing customer service representative is responsible for contacting insurance carriers, patients, and other facilities to obtain information on accounts, and to identify issues and resolve them. These individuals are hired specifically to provide medical billing companies or medical concerns with assistance in sorting out their billing work, and creating and maintaining […]

Position Overview The term general laborer is usually used for an individual who provides support to skilled laborers in performing their tasks. These individuals may be hired for small home renovation projects, or large-scale building and construction work, depending on what their individual placement is. It is imperative for people hoping to work at this […]

Overview   A resume is something that needs a lot of attention, if you want it to bring results. Going through a resume, hiring managers often place candidates in categories – make sure yours is one that is high on the bar. Here is a sample to follow:       Longshoreman Resume Example   […]

A Longshoreman cover letter has to be really interesting for a hiring manager to give it any consideration. One that is not much to write home about will be rejected. That is a constant. How does one make a cover letter interesting? If your cover letter is a storyteller, you can easily win brownie points. […]

How does one do well at an interview? While there are no shortcuts here, it is best to prepare well in advance for an interview. Do not leave anything for the last minute, and make sure that your preparation is so apt, that interview jitters are not part of your vocabulary that day! You will […]

Quick Tip   Regardless of where you intend to send you resume, make sure that it is sully customized as per requirements of the prospective employer. The following resume sample will help you with crafting a focused resume:           Sterile Processing Technician Resume Sample     Henry Adams 828 Hallmark Boulevard, […]