Position Overview A helicopter pilot may be hired by a branch of the armed forces, or work for independent companies that provide helicopter services for recreation and rescue operations. Typically, it is the job of a helicopter pilot to fly helicopters to destinations, often carrying cargo and passengers. During rescue missions, helicopters are required to […]

How does one ensure the success of an interview? While it is not possible to ace an interview 100%, it is possible to come quite close to it. Preparation is key here – when you sit down and prepare for an upcoming interview in detail, there is a great chance that you will come out […]

There is no way that you can apply for a job if your resume is not in check. An older version of your resume will not cut it when you are applying for a new job. Hash it out – update it and make sure that it is written in a modern format.   Have […]

You may not agree to it totally, but your skills are what get you a job – or become responsible for you not being able to get one. A resume gives a job seeker great leeway and chance to articulate his or her skills in a profound manner. When you sit down to prepare your […]

What harm does an objective do, sitting quietly at the top of a resume? None. In fact, it does a lot of good for the job seeker whose resume it is adorning. Beginning your resume with an objective is a sure recipe for success. Technically, an objective sets the pace and path of a resume, […]

Sick of the countless times you have sat down and tried to “prepare” for an interview the conventional way? The trouble with interviews is that each one is different, and it becomes almost impossible to truly prepare for one. The rules change every time. Where does that leave you? Perhaps not in a very secure […]

There are times when writing a cover letter can become the most challenging job ever. You may not be in the right frame of mind to write anything, or you may be feeling blocked because of word jams. Getting a leg up with powerful cover letter messages is tricky business. The best way to overcome […]