Making friends with a hiring manager who is reluctant to open up to you is difficult. It is not the fault of the hiring manager – he or she has a job to do and that is to hire the best person out there for a job. Making friends with candidates is not high on […]

There is one little element about interviews that we often tend to forget because of the overwhelming feeling of being called for one. Practice. Yes, practicing beforehand for an interview that will decide if you are a great contender for a job is exceptionally important. The more you prepare, the better your chances of being […]

How does your resume begin? If the answer to this is anything other than the resume objective, you are doing something wrong. When you write a resume for food and beverage manager position, the first thing that you must look into is how to write the objective. The objective does not only provide a heading […]

Position Overview A podiatry assistant is an individual who provides procedural and administrative support to a podiatrist. These individuals may work in a clinical or hospital setting depending on where they are hired, but perform more or less the same type of activities. Working as a podiatry assistant means that you will be handling two […]

Guidelines There is no debate about it – the longer your resume for podiatry assistant position, the more difficult it is to navigate. While you should not leave any pertinent information out of your resume, it does not make sense to create one that is unnecessarily long. Keep to the point and be concise. Here […]

There is an entire family of cover letters that one needs to go through when deciding which one to pick up for one’s own purpose. Depending on what your own situation is, you can write a prospecting letter, a broadcast letter, a networking letter or an advertisement reply letter. Whichever one you pick up, you […]

Interviews are causes of great concern for most of us who deem the process jarring and not very comfortable to deal with. An interview process can be difficult to navigate if you are not prepared well in advance. However, a little bit of preparation can go a long way to make sure that you are […]