There are a hundred and one ways to impress a hiring manager, but nothing works better than putting your abilities and skills in a plate for him or her. That is what resumes are supposed to do – gather all the information about your suitability for a job and present it to the hiring manager […]

Overview A standout resume is balm to the tired eyes of a fed-up hiring manager, who has been through dozens of resumes that he or she cannot relate to. Writing a good one requires grit and effort – if you are willing to put in both, you are halfway there! Here is a sample Power […]

It is time that all of us started taking cover letter writing seriously. Because that’s what it is – serious! Writing a cover letter means that you are heading towards a great journey – one that may lead you to the great depths of success. If you can manage to impress the hiring manager through […]

Position Overview A power plant technician is hired by companies whose main business is to generate electricity, or other forms of power. These individuals are required to be exceptionally hands-on in handling power generation equipment and machinery – usually, people with prior experience are hired as power plant technicians. Position Requirements Typically, a high school […]

Most hiring managers have been through enough cover letters in their career lifetimes to know when a candidate is fibbing about his competencies, and when one is being completely honest. And because of this, it is important for you as a candidate to write a cover letter that is not only honest but relevant to […]

A Loss Prevention cover letter can be successful even if it does not conform to the rules of standard letter writing. Does that confuse you? It shouldn’t. Gone are the days when it was expected of candidates to write cover letters along the same lines. Now, hiring managers look for a little extra that may […]

Despite writing a dozen resumes, we often get a bit jittery when writing the next one. This is perhaps due to the fact that a Medical Driver resume is supposed to provide accurate and apt information of an individual’s professional standing, and if you cannot make that happen, you are in trouble. Have a look […]