3 Phlebotomist Resume Samples (+Job Description, Skills)

Updated on: March 30, 2023

Phlebotomists work at hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and physicians’ offices where they are entrusted with activities such as drawing blood, administering IV medications, and setting up intravenous lines. A significant part of a phlebotomist’s job is to test the various blood samples taken from patients and provide feedback on diseases and conditions. It is upon the diagnosis made by phlebotomists that doctors make their decisions and perform medical and surgical procedures.

A phlebotomist resume is a 1-page document commonly used to apply for a job.

The purpose of a phlebotomist resume is to communicate your experiences and qualifications to employers in a clear, easy-to-read format.

In order to write a resume that will get noticed by employers, you can follow the following tips and samples.

How to Write a Professional Resume for a Phlebotomist Position? 

In order to write a great Phlebotomist resume, you have to follow the following tips:

  1. Use action verbs, such as; supervised, delivered, maintained, resolved, etc. rather than passive words [“ I was responsible for…”].
  2. Use simple language and write in a clear and concise manner.
  3. Use a legible and scannable plain font such as Times New Roman or Arial.
  4. Leave sufficient white space between different sections and headings.
  5. If there is a gap between your jobs or educational history, you should address it in a cover letter. Employers usually do not consider a resume that leaves unanswered questions.
  6. Always send a cover letter along with your resume.
  7. Update your resume frequently.
  8. Do not suppose your resume will get you interviews with no extra work on your part. In the majority of cases, your resume will not be effective unless you do the proper follow-up by calling or emailing the persons to whom you sent a resume.

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Phlebotomist Resume Sample 1

Minnie Rogers
Gore, OK
(000) 154-9219
[email protected]


High-performing Phlebotomist with 11+ years of experience working in obtaining blood specimens using venipuncture, capillary, and cheek swab techniques. Highly skilled in labeling specimens, sending to the laboratory for analysis, and completing and maintaining records. Exceptional communicator and multitasker capable of interacting with all levels of management.

• Venipuncture/Capillary • Recording Results
• Specimen Integrity • Customer Service
• Glucose Tolerance • Clotting Test
• Bleeding Time Test • Medical Terminology
• Nervousness Handling • Instruments Maintenance
• Bleeding-time Test • Safe Collection of Blood


Cory Labs – Gore, OK
2015 – Present

  • Manage the accurate and timely collection and processing of the specimen
  • Perform document maintenance and troubleshooting procedures
  • Enter patient test data into the computer
  • Prepare patients for blood and urine tests
  • Follow infection control procedures
  • Organize blood collection equipment

Major Achievements

  • No specimen identification error to date
  • Discovered a proposed treatment for eczema by performing clinical tests of blood samples
  • Attained “Employee of the Year Award” in 2022 following excellence in work phlebotomy procedures

Laboratory Assistant
Red Cross – Portland, OR
2011 – 2015

  • Collected, labeled, and processed patient specimens for testing
  • Maintained computerized records
  • Resolved and troubleshoot outstanding collections
  • Prepared blood samples for testing, disposal, and shipping
  • Handled patient communication and answered questions
  • Entered manual and computer records associated with testing

Certified by the American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians

State of Oklahoma Phlebotomy Licensure

OEC in Phlebotomy

Associate of Science in Laboratory Technology
Some College, Portland, OR – 2006

Phlebotomist Resume Sample 2

Fredrick Carter
Portland, OR
(005) 521-5289
fredrick @ email . com

State of Oregon Licensed Phlebotomist

Patient service-oriented Phlebotomist with 7+ years of hands-on experience in performing a diverse range of blood drawing procedures. Proficient in preparing, processing, and storing specimens using modern techniques and equipment. Familiar with infection control protocols associated with phlebotomy.

Ability to calm down patients before the procedure while educating them regarding blood transfusions, diagnostic testing, and sample drawing. Well-versed in medical terminology associated with lab testing and phlebotomy. BLS Certified. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

– Venipuncture – Infection control
– Capillary Puncture – Donor briefing
– Specimen storage – Records review
– Sample reporting – Reports creation
– Quality assurance – Specimen preparation
– Data Entry – Bookkeeping


  • Introduced a computerized report tracking system that reduced specimen analysis and retrieval time by 20 minutes on average.
  • Implemented a digital tagging and specimen recording system that ensured 100% specimen integrity and sample accuracy.
  • Obtained the Best Phlebotomist award for two consecutive years.


Ray Laboratory, Portland, OR 
Jun 2018 – Present

  • Draw blood samples and prepare specimens for testing
  • Label and track specimens
  • Brief patients about sample drawing and testing procedures
  • Prepare relevant reports and deliver the same on time to authorized personnel
  • Follow laboratory procedures and health department guidelines for specimen collection and handling
  • Utilize relevant containers and transport media for every test
  • Strictly adhere to infection control and OSHA Blood Borne Pathogen guidelines

Medixi Healthcare, Portland, OR
Aug 2015 – May 2018

  • Maintained phlebotomy area in neat and clean order and ensured timely supplies replenishment
  • Followed and implemented required infection control protocols
  • Maintained patient data and lab accession records
  • Ensured that all kinds of requirements are met at the time of specimen collection
  • Maintained the integrity of the specimen
  • Followed and executed physician’s orders promptly
  • Maintained workplace safety as per OSHA and DEP regulations

State of Oregon Licensed Phlebotomist – Current

Associate of Science in Phlebotomy
Institute of Medical Sciences, Portland, OR

Diploma in Medical Assisting
Community College, Portland, OR


  • Proficient in PC operations
  • Full command of MS office suite
  • Typing Speed: 55 WPM

Phlebotomist Resume Example 3

Jessica Johns
Brookfield, WI 
(000) 147-7478 
jess.john @ email . com


Competent, focused phlebotomist with a 5+ years’ track record of obtaining and properly handling blood samples. Well-versed in handling laboratory procedures to ensure appropriate testing of blood samples and reporting.

– Patient verification – Specimen integrity
– Therapeutic drug monitoring – Glucose testing
– Infection control – Diagnostic procedures
– Isolation procedures – Collection logs
– Collection procedures – Sample Labeling
– Sample transportation – Specimen preparation

• Hands-on experience in drawing blood from a diverse set of patients including babies and the elderly.
• Ability to decipher the best methods of drawing blood, depending on specific patients.
• Documented success in centrifuging blood samples, in accordance with specific protocols of the laboratory.
• Adept at obtaining blood samples by employing a variety of methods including venipunctures and finger sticks.


AA Medical Center, Brookfield, WI
3/2018 – Present
• Greet patients and review lab request forms to determine what tests need to be performed
• Schedule testing appointments and prepare specimen labels
• Verify patient information by inquiring into patient identity and check patient tags to re-verify patient information
• Use a variety of blood-obtaining procedures such as venipunctures and butterfly needle punctures to draw blood
• Collect samples in pre-labeled sample bottles and ensure that they are properly stored
• Affix appropriate labels on specimens and prepare specimens for delivery/shipment purposes
• Dispose of biological waste and needles in an appropriate and safe manner
• Handle patient registration and order entry into the laboratory database system
• Log in drawn specimens and add footnotes where appropriate
• Provide patients with information on what to expect during blood drawing and when to expect results
Key Accomplishments
• Introduced a sample labeling system which decreased chances of inaccuracies by 80%
• Implemented infection control procedures to ensure that laboratory staff members do not succumb to blood-borne diseases

Lab Assistant
XYZ Medical Laboratory, Brookfield, WI
8/2016 – 3/2018
• Looked through specific lab requests to determine which tests need to be performed
• Verified patient information to ensure that the right tests are being performed on the right patients
• Drew blood from patients and collected other body samples such as stool and urine and ensured that they are stored in proper containers
• Ensured that all specimens are prepared according to specific testing procedures
• Provided patients with information on when to expect test results
• Logged in the specimen and patient information into the laboratory database
Key Accomplishments
• Suggested a 3-way patient verification system which resulted in decreased imprecisions during patient verification procedures
• Devised a novel specimen transportation procedure aimed at ensuring that specimens are delivered to target laboratories in a fresh state

Bachelor’s Degree in Laboratory Sciences
City Medical College, Brookfield, WI – 2009

State of Wisconsin Licensed Phlebotomist

Phlebotomist Job Description for Resume

  • Receive and verify test requisitions from doctors and ensure that any discrepancies are either brought to attention or verified
  • Handle patient verification activities by conferring with patients
  • Engage patients in light conversation to ward off any uneasiness
  • Provide patients with information on what to expect from imminent blood tests
  • Place identification wristbands on patients to ensure appropriate identification
  • Obtain blood specimens through venipuncture and finger sticks techniques
  • Ensure that specimen integrity is maintained by employing aseptic techniques
  • Observe isolation procedures by following set departmental guidelines
  • Ensure that all collected samples are dated and labeled properly
  • Handle glucose monitoring activities and record results
  • Manage bleeding times tests and ensure that records of results are appropriately maintained
  • Provide pathologists with any information that falls out of normal ranges
  • Follow departmental procedures to ensure the quality and accuracy of test results
  • Ensure that dressings are applied to punctures made during test procedures
  • Handle tubes, and containers of each test type and ensure appropriate storage temperature
  • Manage unusual test orders by obtaining necessary information from physicians or nursing stations
  • Maintain tallies of collections performed over the day
  • Ensure that the work area conforms to the hygiene and safety regulations of the facility
  • Perform data entry duties aimed at record management initiatives
  • Perform research activities in accordance with to work orders provided
  • Offer precise information on new findings by giving appropriate research backgrounds
  • Maintain knowledge of tools and equipment used in performing diagnostic tests

Phlebotomist Skills for Resume

As an important section of a resume, the skills statements list all of a candidate’s useful abilities that he intends to use if hired. Each skill that you write needs to be brief and to the point.

To give you an idea of how to list skills on your resume, take a look at the following list for a phlebotomist resume:

  • Skilled in verifying patient information and handling testing and sample collection activities accordingly
  • Committed to maintaining specimen integrity by using dedicated aseptic techniques
  • Proficient in observing specimen isolation procedures and collaborating with nursing personnel to ensure appropriate collection times
  • Demonstrated expertise in performing bleeding times by following exceptionally well-placed laboratory procedures
  • Focused on maintaining quality results by following dedicated department procedures and testing schedules
  • Proficient in resolving unusual test orders by liaising with physicians, pathologists, and nursing stations
  • Hands-on experience in using a variety of needles and procedures to draw blood, depending on the quantity of blood required for sampling
  • Excellent skills in completing specimen data and recording it succinctly into laboratory databases
  • Adept at disposing of laboratory waste and contaminated sharps in accordance with applicable laws, standards, and procedures
  • Competent at using vacuum tubes, syringes, and butterfly venipuncture methods

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