Accounts Payable Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 4, 2021

An accounts payable assistant supports the accounts manager in improving, leading, and optimizing the Accounts Payable function.

A cover letter for accounts payable assistant resume is your opportunity to introduce yourself and grab the employer’s attention.

It should support your intent to fulfill these objectives. Keep the format simple and easily readable.

Take a look at the sample below to get guidance in your job application writing process.

Accounts Payable Assistant Cover Letter Example

Sarah Jason
4321 Main St.
Miami, FL 33126
(090) 989-9999
sarah @ email . com

October 4, 2019

Ms. Jessica Andrew
Hiring Executive
Victor Technologies
987 SE Street
Denton, TX 25412

Dear Ms. Andrew:

My workaholic personality, vast accounting knowledge, and relevant education make me a strong candidate for the accounts payable assistant position currently open at Victor Technologies. I became aware of this opening from my neighbor who is a senior career counselor at Michigan University.

Currently, I am pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Boston University. I have all the requisite knowledge and hands-on experience of using various accounting software and systems as well as ERP, EDI & Financial System Technologies.

Previously, I worked as an intern at Team Industrial Services in the accounting department where I assisted the accounts manager in carrying out regular accounting tasks. My accurate and timely work resulted in receiving the best performing intern of the year award from the company.

Furthermore, my excellent communication skills backed me in bringing considerable benefits to Omni Vision where I worked as a contract accountant for two years. It was my passion and empathetic interpersonal skills that the company succeeded in getting multiple extensions from clients and a big lot of new contractors on the client list.

My accomplishments throughout my academic and professional career are summarized in the enclosed resume. I look forward to discussing how I can benefit Victor Technologies. I will email you after a few days to follow up. Alternately, I can be reached at (000) 989-9999.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sarah Jason