When applying for Event Manager Position, send your resume with a well written cover letter augmenting your key skills and accomplishments. Personalize your cover letter for event manager resume directly to the recruitment head of the prospective company.

In your letter, you need to convince the reader that you are best candidate of event manager position by providing them with supporting arguments with real life examples of your achievements. Before finalizing, proofread your letter and remember to put you signatures in ink.

Refer to the following sample to write an effective cover letter.


Event Manager Cover Letter Example


Thomas Blake
1543 Downtown Lane 4
Atlanta, GA 30303

December 12, 2013

Mr. Louis Carter
Recruitment Head
The Atlantic
16052, NW Suite 300
St. Louis, MO 63017


Dear Mr. Carter:

Please accept the enclosed resume for the position of Event Manager at The Atlantic. I learned about this opportunity in the Oct 21, 2012 edition of the Missouri Enterprise and am energized to learn more about the position.

Extroversion is what I believe is the crux of my personality that has enabled me to achieve my goals swiftly and successfully. Working for The SNUG as a global program manager was a great experience that added a lot to my career profile. Regular interaction with clients, contractors, dealers and internal employees boosted my communication skills even further making me an expert in persuading people. I have been a team leader for almost all the projects I’ve worked on whether it be the execution team development or on-site management.

I have demonstrated ability to plan and execute a variety of varied and different events, conferences, festivals and programs locally, nationally, and even on international level. Some events that I organized as an event coordinator during my job at The SNUG and Make-It-Happen (as evident in my resume) that you might be familiar with include the ARINA Style Couture 2011, MA Youth Festival 2011, Dramaduacation Annual Theatre Competition 2012, and TECSOFT 2012 in LA.

My leadership qualities has always given me an edge over many others throughout my career and I am confident that it will help me in the role of the event manager at The Atlantic as well. Hoping for a positive response, I have enclosed my resume for your perusal. Please feel free to call me at (012) 343-2456 if you need more information. I’ll be looking forward to meet you personally for further discussion in an interview.

Thanks a lot for you interest.



Thomas Blake