A cover letter for a Librarian position should always accompany your resume whenever you submit it in response to an advertised position. This letter needs to indicate the reasons the employer should hire you.

Whenever possible, avoid standard/generic version of your cover letters. Better results are achieved if your letter is customized for each prospective employer. You should tailor the first and second paragraph in order to make the letter per needs of particular employer.

Follow the example below to create a strong and effective cover letter for a librarian resume.


Librarian Cover Letter Example


 Dana Danube635 Mystic Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 72423
☏ (001) 009-9999 ✉ dana @ email . com

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ms. Amelia Brown
Manager HR
Education Complex
910 Steel Street
Ann Arbor, MI 63534


Dear Ms. Brown:

I am very interested in the position of Librarian at Education Complex, as advertised on your website last week. With my Masters’ Degree in Library and Information Science, hands-on experience in managing library operations and related information work, I am confident that I would become an asset to your organization.

My extensive work experience with both private and public libraries has given me the skills required to directly contribute to Education Complex:

• Helping library patrons locate the information they require
• Organizing library materials so they are simple to find
• Planning programs for different age groups
• Developing and indexing databases of library materials
• Overseeing and directing library support staff
• Preparing library budgets

My analytic and research capabilities would assist me in managing the overall operations of Education Complex. Moreover, I have a demonstrated ability to deal with multicultural patrons. The enclosed resume will support and highlight my capabilities as a librarian.

I would appreciate an opportunity to meet and elaborate on how could make a significant contribution to your library. To follow up on this application and set up an interview, I will call you during the week of April 5 and will be available at (001) 009-9999 if you need to contact me in the interim.

Hoping to meet you in person, I thank you for your time and consideration.



Dana Danube

Dana Danube

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