Dietitian Resume Samples

Updated on: August 14, 2018

Position Overview

Dietitians work with healthcare providers to devise appropriate meal and diet plans for patients. This position is not always associated with a physician as dietitians have the provision of working on their own. However, every dietitian needs to look closely at a doctor’s orders before devising an appropriate plan.

Dietitian Resume

How many versions do your resume for Dietitian position have? If the answer to this question is more than one, you are on the right track. If it is one or none, here is why you need many:

• Every company has a distinct culture and different expectations from the dietician position.

• Exact duties related to dietician job role vary from institute to institute.

• Position titles used to describe the same roles are different for different settings.

• Your qualification might be rendering you employable in more than one industry or field.

• Each resume version needs to be a list of your skills that the employer can easily relate with the dietician job.

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Dietitian Resume Sample 1


430 Olympus Rd, Wexford, PA 15322
(005) 666 – 7777 • lilly @ email . com
 Lilly Josh


Equipped to provide nutrition-related excellence to patients and clients.

Performance Summary
Results-oriented dietary professional with exceptional counseling skills and proven ability to carry out accurate nutritional assessments. Track record of developing and executing beneficial dietary plans. Competent in evaluation and modification of diets based on patient’s condition and medical history. Sound knowledge of family-centered approaches for diet therapy.


✓ Nutrition Assessment ✓ Progress Tracking ✓ Health Coaching
✓ Staff Coordination ✓ Nutrition Therapy ✓ Optimal Nutrition Plans
✓ Supplements Evaluation ✓ Patient Education ✓ Awareness Creation
✓ Client Motivation ✓ Family Counseling ✓ Risk Management


Connected Health, Wexford, PA | 5/2010 to Present
• Conduct in-depth nutritional assessment and develop individualized diet plans for assigned patients
• Implement the devised diet plans in accordance to the nutrition standards of healthcare
• Perform regular follow through of plans and keep documentations of the same
• Provide individual and group counseling sessions to improve patients’ performance

Key Accomplishments
• Initiated dietary assistance services for diabetic patients and helped them achieve 70% weight loss goals
• Devised and implemented numerous successful diet therapies for patients with digestive and metabolic disorders and enhanced overall clientele by 60%

Sutter Health, Wexford, PA | 6/2007 to 4/2010
Dietary Aide
• Guided the cooking staff regarding preparation and specifications of therapeutic diets based on the patient’s health conditions and dietician’s instructions
• Coordinated with the nursing staff regarding patient meal services and special considerations

Key Accomplishments
• Revised the patient medical format to include a section for dietary specifications that ensured 100% timely communication of dietary needs to the nursing staff
• Facilitated the master dietitian in the preparation and execution of the Annual Dietetic Education for Nursing workshop, 2009

Some College, Wexford, PA – 2007
BS in Nutrition Science


Dietitian Resume Sample with Less or No Experience


Andrea Jacob
6 Quantum Lane | Bowie, MD 55343 | (000) 999-9009 | Email

CAREER OBJECTIVE (See: Dietitian Resume Objectives)

To work for Columbus Diets as a Dietitian where I may use my comprehensive knowledge of diet planning in order to assist patients with living a full and healthy life.


• Over nine years of experience working as a Dietitian with Bowie National Hospital.
• Highly skilled in planning and implementing appropriate diet plans.
• In depth knowledge of common health issues and their implications on diets.
• Hands on experience in managing nutrition related to clinical applications.


• Devised a system that takes available patient data and provides an automated response to particular diet needs.
• Wrote a paper on the nutritional value of tea which was published in the magazine Nutrition Today.


Bowie National Hospital – Bowie, MD | July 2003 – Present
• Perform assessment and development of care plans
• Instruct patients about the need for alteration in current diets
• Work closely with patients and physicians to devise and implement individual appropriate diet and nutrition plans
• Psychoanalyze patients to determine mental blocks pertaining to food binges
• Work with individuals to determine specific nutritional needs based on health factors and medication
• Counsel patients about the need to alter diets in order to bring about health and vitality


University of Maryland, Bowie, MD – 2002
Bachelors of Science in Nutritional Science


• Good communication skills
• Excellent ability to work with a diversity of the populace
• Outstanding patient service skills
• Ability to work in stressful situations
• Working knowledge of current diet trends and diseases affecting diets