Nannies provide child care services to infants and children at the employer’s home. They take care of infants, pre-schoolers and school-going children to ensure that they are ready for school on time. They usually work in private capacities and are expected to perform many duties that help in caring for children. Nannies are usually hired by working parents are unable to look after their children at home.

Job Overview and Scope

A nanny is responsible for assisting children in their needs of daily life. This may include caring for them on a constant basis, cooking meals, preparing snacks and assisting them with bathing and dressing. Where infants are concerned, nannies are expected to change diapers, prepare formulas and feed them. Nannies are also expected to assist children with extracurricular activities and help them with developing social skills. Nannies also discipline children so that they can thrive in social gatherings and provide necessary home-schooling.

Nannies are sometimes confused with babysitters; nannies actually have much more responsibility on their shoulders than babysitters as they perform not only child care services but other limited household chores as well.

If you are applying for a position as a nanny, you need to know the following list of duties that a nanny is expected to perform. Use these phrases to build a powerful resume.

Sample Job Description for a Nanny Resume

• Look after children not yet of school going age in terms of dressing and bathing
• Cook age appropriate meals and assist in feeding them
• Prepare formula for babies and infants and feed them
• Wash and sterilize baby bottles
• Trim infants’ and children’s nails
• Massage babies on a regular basis
• Provide CPR or First Aid in case of emergency
• Discipline children and oversee their behavior
• Prepare children of school going age for school
• Encourage social interaction and providing stimulating learning environments
• Teach social graces and table manners
• Supervise children’s activities and accompany them to activities
• Place children down for naps
• Play indoor and outdoor games with children
• Change diaper and help potty train children at the appropriate age
• Administer medicines to children on instruction
• Perform light housekeeping activities such as dusting and cleaning
• Tidy play areas and put away toys
• Lead educational activities such as reading
• Wash dishes and do children’s laundry
• Run family errands such as grocery shopping and bills payment