Sample Introduction Cover Letter for Nanny Job (To Family)

Updated on: July 20, 2020

Working as a nanny puts you through many tests – looking after children, handling cooking duties, and managing school run is not something everyone can do, so families looking for nannies need someone who is a little more than “ordinary.”

Thus, it stands to reason that people will look for more than what a mere babysitter can do. The term “nanny” automatically adds a touch of responsibility to this position. This means that when you write an introductory cover letter to apply for a job, you have to write something “unordinary.”

Your introduction cover letter for nanny position should firstly chart out why you are applying for a particular nanny position, and what have you got to offer.

Once you have provided this information, you can move on to more important things – your skills and how they helped you in gaining the experience you are now banking on.

While it is not recommended to give too much personal information about yourself, you need to write a little about yourself and your background as there is a trust factor to consider. Talk about past experiences and commendations/references.

These will add credibility to your claim of being the perfect nanny and give the family a reason to provide you with the job.

The following is a sample introduction cover letter for a nanny position that you might be interested in:

Nanny Introduction Cover Letter Example

Mia Dudley
(000) 888-8888

July 20, 2020

Mr. Ian Baltimore
265 Pine Street
Derry, NH 72635

Dear Mr. Baltimore:

Mrs. Josephine Smith who is your next-door neighbor informed me that she has spoken to you about a possible nanny position with your family. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.

I was employed with Mrs. Smith to look after her daughter Jean since she was an infant and have only decided to leave because Jean is now a teenager and well able to look after herself.

My childcare skills have been polished through years of caring for children from different backgrounds. I have seen the transition that children go through and I believe that I now have the experience to look after infants as well as young adults.

Before working for Mrs. Smith, I was employed by a family in Delaware for whom I was handling school runs of their children aged 5 and 8, along with managing their mealtimes, homework, and entertainment.

Additionally, I acquired a certificate from Children Services ten years ago, therefore, I fully understand the metrics of working in a home environment. I have the capability of transitioning from a full-charge nanny when my ward’s parents are away, to a wallflower when they need quality time with their child.

I have enclosed a reference letter from Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Frank (my last two employers) with this letter. I would welcome an opportunity to meet with you and discuss this position further. Please contact me at (888) 888-8888 if you need to speak to me.


Mia Dudley

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