Laborer Accomplishments for Resume

Updated on: September 4, 2019

Writing a list of accomplishments on a laborer resume is a great way of communicating your capabilities to a prospective employer.

If you have achieved something significant in a previous position, you are more than likely to do the same in a subsequent one, and this is what employers like to see.


Laborer accomplishments listed on a resume also provide employers with information on your personality and how well you can cope with stressful situations and overcome them.

Since laborer resumes are mostly a reflection of your perfection, it is important to pay special attention to each area.

Any quantifiable resuls that you mention on your resume are sure to go in your favor!

It is true that many of us tend to underestimate our achievements and do not think much of them when writing our resumes. We may have helped increase the clientele of a company by a certain percentage without knowing it – the trick is to be aware of what we have achieved and use this information to achieve further.


Generally, employers want to hire laborers who have the capacity to exceed their expectations.

But a prospective employer can only know this if you tell him and the best place to provide this information is in the accomplishments section of your resume.

Below is a list of accomplishments that a laborer can use when writing his resume:


Sample Accomplishments for a Laborer Resume

• Increased the efficiency of the construction project by 25% employing “1.5” shift concept.

• Decreased material costs by $2000 by suggesting a less expensive but better quality cement brand.

• Reduced overhead costs by $500 per month by suggesting alternative energy use for forklifts and cement mixers.

• Completed three concurring construction projects within the deadlines set for each project.

• Stayed under budget for 7 years for all projects carried out within that period.

• Directed a team of laborers to work on a side elevation of a construction project in the absence of a supervisor.

• Built a new team of laborers to work the night shift workflow for a speed construction project.

• Redesigned and implemented effective changes in the construction process to meet the client’s changing needs.

• Reined in rollercoaster construction project spanning five months.

• Streamlined labor activities by providing valuable input in scheduling activities.

• Improved ties between the labor force and the supervisor by employing team-building exercises.

• Voted Employee of the Year in three consecutive years following exceptional work ethics and extremely effective work processes.

• Supervised a complex construction project in the absence of a labor supervisor and managed to complete it 15 days before the set deadline.