Mail Carrier Accomplishments for Resume

Updated on: June 18, 2021
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It is important to place information on one’s accomplishments in both resumes and cover letters.

Prospective employers relate well with applicants who have achieved something big in their professional lives, making them look forward to a time when the same will be replicated in their organizations.

Just some time ago, placing accomplishments in your resume or cover letter was not considered necessary, as both these documents were supposed to be experience-oriented.

Now, no resume or cover letter is considered complete if does not possess information about what an applicant has achieved in his or her professional life.

What are accomplishments exactly?

It is a bit difficult to gauge what you have achieved in the past, especially if you haven’t kept track of your accomplishments. Look back at your career and determine what it was that made a significant positive effect on the company where you worked, or the people whom you worked with.

It could be something as straightforward as increasing the customer base by a certain percentage or decreasing fixed costs. Try to put in as many numbers as you can, so that prospective employers can determine the scale upon which you have made a certain contribution.

You must put in a minimum of 4 accomplishments in a resume, and mention one or two in a cover letter, depending on the span of your career. Here are some sample accomplishments statements for a mail carrier resume/cover letter:

Sample Accomplishments and Achievements for Mail Carrier Resume

• Streamlined the mail delivery system by effectively implementing a process that worked on alphabetical delivery orders.
• Introduced an automatic/dynamic system to determine postage for large parcels, without going through the hassle of weighing them.
• Implemented a novel mail checking system, which provided automatic alerts for suspicious packets and letters.
• Saved scores of mailroom customers and staff members from imminent danger, by recognizing the signs of a particularly lethal form of anthrax in a received letter.
• Suggested use of the GPS, decreasing the time it took to make mail deliveries by 85%.
• Reorganized the money order processing system, making the process work in 65% less time than usual.
• Singlehandedly managed to haul over 100 kilograms of mail onto 3 delivery trucks, in the absence of 3 other mail carriers.
• Successfully made 150 deliveries in one day, during an extremely busy Christmas holiday season.
• Secured the confidentiality of undelivered mail, by implementing metrics and systems to keep it safe, until it is claimed.