16 Driver Achievements and Accomplishments for Resume

Updated October 10, 2022
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One of the most important parts of a driver’s resume is the achievements section.

A hiring manager would want to know what you have achieved in this position, which makes you a good contender to consider.

Without this section, you may not be considered for a driver’s job. 

However, writing an achievements section is decidedly tricky. One has to have kept a close watch on what one has done in the past to be able to do this.

As a driver, your accomplishments can include many things, such as a time when you saved the vehicle you were driving from imminent damage, or when you handled an on-road emergency with exceptionalism.

You have to think of it this way – what have I done in the past that a prospective employer will want to know about?

Anything that you have done in a driver capacity that has had a significant positive effect on the company is important to highlight.

Some sample achievements for a driver resume are listed below:

Sample Achievements for Driver Resume

  1. Singlehandedly made 32 deliveries in one day during an instance of low driver turnout.
  2. Adhered to safe and defensive driving measures, reducing the possibility of accidents and incidents significantly.
  3. Introduced the concept of using technology to map routes that reduced commute time by 50%.
  4. Devised a client pick-up system, which was 50% more efficient than the one already in place.
  5. Trained 25 drivers to handle driving and navigation work as part of their induction program.
  6. Built a team of drivers, specifically for the influx of foreign company guests.
  7. Implemented a passenger-oriented greeting system, as a result, increased customer base by 30%.
  8. Decreased vehicle maintenance costs by $5000 per year by performing preventive maintenance tasks.
  9. Streamlined vehicle issuance system, by implementing a unique system that checked vehicle numbers and driver specifications.
  10. Strategically resolved issues associated with driver availability.
  11. Attained the ‘Driver of the Year Award,’ owing to exceptional year-round performance, and 5-star feedback.
  12. Featured in the company’s magazine and website as the top-performing driver of all time.
  13. Successfully saved passengers from injuries, during a particularly horrifying car pileup on a highway.
  14. Created and implemented a training program for new drivers, reducing the training time by 80%.
  15. Resolved 3 internal conflicts between drivers through negotiation and appropriate intervention.
  16. Improved ties within the driver union, through the implementation of core outreach and communications work.

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