16 Dental Assistant Accomplishments for Resume

Updated: October 17, 2021

Dental assistants help dentists in performing a variety of dental and administrative work. 

They greet patients, provide them with information regarding dental practice’s services, take patients’ information and history, and communicate the same to the dentist.

Besides that, they are expected to provide chairside support to dentists as well.

Chairside support may include handing dental instruments to the dentist, ensuring sanitation and disposing of devices, and preparing tools for procedures and surgeries.

Also, they are responsible for processing dental images and making dental casts.

Some other dental assistant work duties include polishing dental crowns, preparing fillings, performing teeth cleaning procedures, polishing study casts, and providing education to patients regarding oral hygiene procedures.

When employers view resumes for dental assistant positions, they try to find out their career achievements first.

If you are preparing a resume, you may take a look at some examples of a dental assistant’s accomplishments to get ideas from.

Sample Accomplishments for a Dental Assistant Resume

  1. Made the dentist’s office more efficient and pleasant for patients by introducing new interior designing concepts.
  2. Ensured excellent customer service through dedication.
  3. Kept patients focused on optimal treatment while attending to their individual concerns.
  4. Obtained appreciation for maintaining a clean, sterile, and cheerful environment where your patients feel comfortable.
  5. Prepared patients for treatment, and assist the dentists. Enabled them to provide efficient quality dental treatment.
  6. Lifted administrative and basic dental tasks off the dentist’s shoulders.
  7. Utilized great organization skills and attention to detail, increasing office efficiency by 20%. 
  8. Provided direct and indirect patient care, making office procedures as smooth as possible.
  9. Overhauled the patient information structure by incorporating a new system, making it easy and less time consuming for both the office and patients.
  10. Cut overhead costs by 15% by replacing the current dental x-ray equipment with a new one.
  11. Integrated an extremely beneficial dental care system into existing dental procedures, engendering an increased patient base.
  12. Assisted the dentist in an extremely complicated dental surgery of an accident victim spanning over 5 hours.
  13. Wrote a booklet on dental systems as part of the patient education program.
  14. Held a series of seminars on the importance of dental health at the Country Club.
  15. Trained a group of newly hired dental assistants for deployment in different branches of the practice.
  16. Strictly followed OSHA standards of infection and COVID-19 control.

Dental Assistant Position Requirements

In order to work as a dental assistant, you will need to be formally trained from a dental college or a vocational school.

Once you have obtained a degree or a certification, you will be eligible for a dental assistant position.

It is a demanding job that requires absolute precision and tough work.


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