20 Barista Achievements and Accomplishments for Resume

Updated: June 24, 2023

If you are planning to apply for the position of barista you have landed on the right page! We are happy to help you in writing impactful professional achievements and get your resume noticed by employers.

A Barista is basically stationed in the bar area of a restaurant, or café. The job calls for great attention to detail, physical stamina, manual dexterity, as well as strong customer service and communication skills.

Enlisting professional achievements and accomplishments in a barista resume can multifold your chances of getting hired. It’s like providing the employer with evidence of what you are capable of.

All resumes generally have an experience section. If you embed your achievements into this section, your resume will definitely get noticed and the employer will want to meet you based on the results you have been generating for your previous employer in a similar capacity.

Achievements can vary from any awards you got, procedures you restructured that were beneficial for the firm, any effort you made that resulted in saving money or generating additional revenue, and any training you underwent or provided to apprentices.

Here are 20 sample achievements statements you can use to build a barista resume.

20 Sample Achievements for Barista Resume

  1. Generated additional sales by $4000 per month by developing a signature coffee blend.
  2. Reduced service time by 5 minutes per order on average by revamping the drive-thru area and counters.
  3. Generated additional sales worth $300000 per year by updating and maintaining a social media page.
  4. Devised a checklist for supplies inventory that ensured 100% availability of all items and saved perishable items from wastage.
  5. Implemented a schedule for periodic functional testing of the equipment and coffee machines that increased the life of equipment significantly.
  6. Designed and implemented a checklist for ingredients and components of basic coffee flavors.
  7. Designed a weekly menu to upsell certain coffee and bakery items, increasing the ratio of orders by 10%.
  8. Trained 6 apprentices in coffee-making and hygiene-related precautions and protocols.
  9. Earned the “Employee of the Month Award” thrice in 2023 based on customer feedback.
  10. Enhanced overall sales by 50% through the delivery of excellent customer service.
  11. Rearranged the display area which resulted in upselling of packed products by $14000 per month.
  12. Increased Expresso sales by 20% by introducing a new expresso machine.
  13. Streamlined the cleaning and storage protocols to bring them to par with OSHA standards.
  14. Implemented an information sticker protocol on each cup poured, stating the exact nutrients and composition of each drink, weight and volume wise; which led to a 10% enhancement in overall sales.
  15. Developed several recipes for lactose intolerant clients, clients with wheat allergy, and clients on low-carb diets including KETO, which was highly appreciated.
  16. Developed and maintained a pool of 50+ loyal and regular guests based on exceptional customer service.
  17. Brought in business worth $8000 per month on average based on referrals from satisfied customers.
  18. Saved $2000 in terms of equipment replacement cost by timely identifying and rectifying a fault in one of the espresso machines.
  19. Purchased high-quality roasted Italian coffee beans at wholesale rate.
  20. Achieved a 95% guest satisfaction over a 6-months period based on online surveys.

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