Trainee Marketing Manager Job Description and Duties

Updated on: September 4, 2019

Trainee marketing managers are hired to prospect new and existing clients in order to sell them the company’s products or/and services.

The training period of any job is a crucial time for both new employee and employer. Trainee marketing managers are asked to go through a rigorous training period where they learn the tricks of the trade so that they can eventually begin doing “real” work.


There are specific methods that trainee marketing managers employ to make sure that they work effectively.

They communicate with customers through various channels such as telephones, email, and even directly in some circumstances and provide them with company information.

It is their prime duty to develop customers’ interest in the product or service that they are endorsing and follow up on possible prospects.

Some critical aspects of a trainee marketing manager’s work include planning, promotion, advertising, and distribution.


Furthermore, trainee marketing managers perform research activities and also assist marketing managers in product development activities.

They can find employment across many industries, including retail, media, and banking, and not for profit organizations.

Marketing manager trainees are usually involved in all aspects of a marketing campaign; this involvement helps them understand the work in real-time and prepares them for future marketing projects. 


Trainee Marketing Manager Job Description

• Prospect new clients by initiating communication through email, telephone and in-person

• Contact existing clients to update them about new services and products

• Develop ongoing improvements to the prospect processes

• Handle field research activities to make preparations of marketing projects

• Develop and manage promotional and public relations material

• Manage administrative issues and operational layouts for the marketing department

• Work with marketing personnel to plan and direct marketing activities

• Perform research work to identify new markets and changing trends and communicate findings to decision-makers

• Recommend proactive or remedial actions in cases of adverse business situations

• Analyze competitive price lists and recommend price changes where needed

• Work with management to develop and propose actions needed to protect company assets

• Write reports and develop advertising and other promotional materials

• Assist marketing personnel with promotional activities

• Compile and distribute financial and statistical information for the company to use in creating budgets and financial reports

• Coordinate the efforts of marketing, production and distribution departments

• Maintain marketing inventory and stock information

• Write press releases and online content

• Assist in driving online traffic during web related promotional campaigns

• Coordinate details of promotional events to guarantee successful campaigns