Project Manager Key Achievements for Resume | Examples

Updated on: July 11, 2020

Achievements in a project manager role are important for many reasons. The hiring manager will want to know what you have done in the past which you can replicate in the future.

As a project manager, this could be something as complicated as meeting deadlines consistently, or something not so complex as streamlining a filing system.

Why are Project Manager achievements important to resumes?

Well, it is an established fact that skills sell us as candidates for a job. Actually, so do achievements.

Your previous successes decide how great your future performance will be.

In a project manager role, your achievements matter immensely simply because you will be leading a team of people to ensure that projects reach fruition.

If you have done this before successfully, chances are great that you can do it again. Hence, the need to offer achievements information.

Typically, a project manager can talk about the way he or she managed to execute a project through the implementation of processes. And much more. 

See the sample accomplishments given below to get more guidance in this regard.

Sample Achievements and Accomplishments for a Project Manager Resume

• Successfully met all project deadlines for 4 years in a row.

• Implemented a third-party outreach system, as a result, increased coordination efficiency.

• Introduced a unique project scope and objective definition project, hence, decreased misunderstandings.

• Redesigned and implemented a progress tracking system, as a result, decreased tracking time by 50%.

• Built 2 new project teams, by successfully completing all human resource and support functions.

• Cut project costs by 65%, through the implementation of the assigned budget.

• United 4 project teams post-merger, ensuring consistency in work.

• Reined in a rollercoaster ride involving 4 simultaneous projects, and came out shining.

• Launched 5 outreach campaigns, as part of a much bigger marketing project.

• Devised a resource management system, thereby, decreased allocation time by 75%

• Streamlined project cycles, by the implementation of core instructions and protocols.

• Received accolades for efficiently and effectively managing 5 projects simultaneously.

• Met an almost impossible deadline, by working through weekends.

• Implemented community outreach tasks, as a result, boosted consumer interest.

• Increased the company’s market share by 25%, through the implementation of branding projects.

• Resolved 12 internal conflicts, by mediating teams, and making important decisions properly.

• Improved ties with the sister company, consequently, decreased communication gaps.

• Trained 32 newly hired project personnel, as part of their induction program.

• Introduced a project performance management system, considered 75% more efficient than the one already being followed.

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