12 Data Entry Achievements and Accomplishments Examples

Updated: January 20, 2023

Focusing on achievements on your data entry resume or cover letter is a good way to bring your resume to the top of the pile.

Many of us underestimate our achievements – despite having accomplished so much in a job, we tend to focus on just our duties.

But employers typically look for high achievers; people who go well and beyond the call of duty to perform well in their given role.

Ask yourself the following 5 questions to determine your achievements:

  1. Did I receive praise, recognition, or pats on the back from a supervisor?
  2. Did I receive a promotion, an award, or a commendation?
  3. Was I ever selected for a particular project or task force?
  4. Are you known for a particular trait in your department or across many departments?
  5. If you were to quit your job, would everyone be distressed?

Alongside each of the questions you have identified above, write down your achievement. This way, you will know what skills you have and what outcome these skills brought about.

For a data entry position, you might be interested in some of the examples given below:

Sample Achievements for Data Entry Resume

  1. Processed 2000 customer records in 5 hours, following a marathon processing task for upcoming elections.
  2. Reorganized employees’ data in the database, reducing redundancy by 60%.
  3. Lead a data entry project that required 100,000 records to be punched into the database within one month.
  4. Reduced record pulling time by 80% by converting all paper records into electronic forms.
  5. Implemented a data accuracy program, reducing marginal errors by 50%.
  6. Combined and rearranged data from 50 source documents within a record time period of 7 hours.
  7. Improved data entry accuracy by 60% by introducing a “read through” system which ensured the precision of each entered record.
  8. Wrote a guide for data entry dos and don’ts to be used by new employees as part of their training program.
  9. Seamlessly introduced a new data entry system coined Fast Data, embraced immediately by concerned data entry clerks.
  10. Successfully converted an existing data entry system into a more advanced version, without affecting daily work processes.
  11. Integrated new data entry modules into an existing system, post-company merger.
  12. Trained 88 newly hired data entry personnel for deployment in the company’s offices across 5 states.

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