Top 15 Call Center Achievements and Accomplishments for Resume

Updated: October 27, 2022

Call center representatives are the faces of an organization and need to have some achievements in their pockets if they want to bag further jobs.

As a call center agent, your resume should host an achievements section to highlight all the wonderful things that you have done during the course of your career.

A call center’s achievement can be on several different platforms. For instance, the time when you retained an irate customer is an achievement.

So is the instance when you convinced customers to upgrade their services. These have a solid impact on the way that a hiring manager sees you. Therefore, it is important that you highlight what you have accomplished when writing a resume.

Achievements statements for a call center representative resume need to be clearly and crisply written.

They must highlight what you did in your role, which had a positive effect on the company where you worked.

These could be in terms of tangible achievements such as customer retention, or intangible ones, like customer satisfaction.

A list of call center achievements is given below:

Sample Achievements for Call Center Resume

1. Implemented a CSR script to be used for new customers that increased efficiency by 20%.

2. Developed a corporate customer’s interest in the company, bringing $50000 more revenue to the company.

3. Provided personalized services to each customer, resulting in 5-star feedback from clients.

4. Suggested the implementation of a ticketing system, thereby, decreasing the calling load by 35%.

5. Trained 25+ call center agents in performing outreach work, as part of their induction process.

6. Provided excellent services to an irate corporate customer, as a result, retained his business.

7. Correctly identified a customer’s needs, making him the highest paying customer for the company.

8. Successfully built a sustainable relationship with customers, going the extra mile in all conversations.

9. Singlehandedly managed a large influx of calls, on a particularly busy day at work.

10. Exceeded sales targets constantly for 3 years in a row.

11. Surpassed expectations by bringing a corporate client on board that the company had been hoping to work with for 7 years.

12. Surpassed revenue forecasts by meeting all sales goals constantly.

13. Upsold 13 new add-on services to a single client, as a result, received gratitude from the company owner.

4. Researched a particularly difficult-to-resolve issue, and solved it before the client divert to another company.

15. Met both qualitative and quantitative targets for 5 years in a row.

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