Office Manager Key Achievements Examples for Resume

Updated on: September 8, 2020

Working as an office manager requires us to be exceptional in administration and leadership. Previous successes in this area are important to highlight so that the hiring manager can gauge how great your work has been.

When a recruiter goes through a resume, he or she pays special attention to the accomplishments section so as to determine what the candidate is capable of doing at the workplace.

In fact, the way office manager achievement statements are placed in a resume, or even a cover letter decides if the candidate will be considered or not.

An office manager’s achievements may be to the tune of successfully managing assigned areas, consequently increasing efficiency.

It is important to state at least 4 achievements statements in an office manager resume if you want to gain attention. 

Here are some sample achievements and accomplishments statements to add in an office manager resume.

Office Manager Key Achievements Examples

• Implemented a series of novel office practices, increasing efficiency by 60%

• Devised a unique correspondence system, decreasing communication gaps by 50%

• Introduced the concept of index filing, thereby, increased filing efficiency by 50%

• Singlehandedly managed operations of 3 offshore offices for 1 year

• Wrote an informative booklet on administrative management, now being used as a training tool

• Trained 50+ individuals to work on support roles, as part of their induction program

• Implemented unique communications and outreach initiative, improved ties with agencies and customers consequently

• Achieved great success in implementing office procedure and regulations in 4 state offices

• Successfully replaced old office supplies inventory with a new, more efficient one

• Implemented a new tier 1 greeting system, hence, increased customers’ interest.

• Singlehandedly developed and implemented an employee scheduling plan, consequently, increased work efficiency by 60%

• Supervised 3 marketing project modules, resulting in high outreach

• Streamlined vendor relations, as a result, obtained a 25% discount on all purchases

• Received Employee of the Month plaque for 4 months in a row, owing to exceptional office management acumen

• Cut supplies cost by 45%, by bringing on board an inexpensive but quality supplier

• Met procedure implementation deadlines consistently for 3 years, thereby, received accolades from the higher management

• Promoted to the position of an office manager after only 6 months on the job, due to exceptional contribution to the organization

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