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Farm Laborer Resume Sample

Farm laborers are generally responsible for handling cattle, cultivating crops, and maintaining the farmhouse premises. It is a job that calls for physical stamina, relevant knowledge, and basic training in the field. Keep in mind that recruiters get thousands of resumes sometimes against a single job opening. So they go through the resumes in a… Read More »

Casual Job Resume Sample

A casual job is one that does not have a firm commitment in advance from an employer regarding work hours. In general, casual employees don’t get paid leaves or any other benefits. There are many casual jobs available such as warehouse worker, cleaner, or general laborer. In this article, we will focus on resume building… Read More »

Asphalt Paving Skills

There is little chance of an asphalt paver to be hired if he or she isn’t skilled. And there is no way for a hiring manager to find out that an individual is skilled unless it is mentioned specifically in an asphalt paving cover letter or resume. When writing either for these documents, it is… Read More »

Asphalt Laborer Resume

Applying for an asphalt laborer position will require you to write a resume. What will go into an Asphalt Laborer resume? Everything from your knowledge of the work, to your experience in it. As an asphalt laborer, you must possess some skills and experience that you can highlight in your resume. It is important to… Read More »

Asphalt Laborer Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter for an asphalt laborer position is easy if you have all the information that makes it up. For instance, you will need to place information regarding your knowledge of using concrete and filling gaps as required. In your cover letter, you must ensure that you highlight your ability to take and… Read More »