File Clerk Job Description for Resume

Updated on June 16, 2019

File Clerk Job Overview

A file clerk, in an office setting, is responsible for managing all kinds of databases, files, folders and manual records, and create new entries as required.

They are also accountable for answering all queries about the business records.


S/he also removes all old files, logs all data which is removed from the database or library.

Furthermore, this professional implements new filing systems as intended for.

They may also be responsible for the necessary office duties such as faxing and photocopying.

File clerks are employed by hospitals, universities, healthcare facilities, private institutions, and government departments.


The following are a number of sample job duties and responsibilities of a File Clerk.

You may use some of these statements in your resume to make it more attractive.

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Job Description for File Clerk Resume

• Read all kinds of incoming material to establish essential information such as content or title.

• Retrieve, sort, and file all information.

• Maintain an arranged file room.

• Assist in training of other clerical staff in scanning key documents.

• Maintain a day to day productivity log of scanning and indexing activities.

• Interact with clients, visitors, staff and the public.

• Copy and fax, sort mail. hand out reports and memos.

• Sort material in accordance with the filing system used.

• Collect materials to be filed from the company and staff.

• Stamp files and materials received.

• Record materials removed and take back those not returned.

• Remove and trash out-of-date materials.

• Assist with typing as required.

• Screen and direct incoming calls.

• Determine everyday problems in the office.

• Place essential papers and materials in files.

• Take photographs of all records using the microfilming equipment.

• Add or remove data to file records.

• Help other office workers.

• Type and file information on folders.

• Find out where the material will be filed.

• Locate and eliminate materials from files upon request.

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