Physiotherapy Assistant Resume Sample

Updated on: November 15, 2020

A physiotherapy assistant performs a number of tasks that are necessary to assist lead physiotherapists during the rehabilitation process of patients suffering from injury, illness, or any kind of disability.

As a Physiotherapy Assistant, you will work for a range of clients. Your job duties will include supporting patients through a program of rehabilitation (formed by qualified staff) and working with physiotherapists to improve the mobility of patients.

The following is a sample resume along with a number of sections and bullet points to write an effective resume or curriculum vitae for the Physiotherapy Assistant position.

This example is also useful for new graduates who are entering the job market for the first time.

Physiotherapy Assistant Resume Example

Sara Alexander
25 6th Avenue, Houston, TX 20141
Contact #
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7+ years’ experience in providing assistance to physiotherapists. In-depth knowledge of different physical therapy techniques. Demonstrated ability to encourage and stimulate patients. Proven record of patience, compassion, tolerance, and tact. Excellent spoken and written communication skills. Bilingual: English and Spanish.


  • Able to operate and maintain modality equipment including IFC, Ultrasound, and Laser
  • A dedicated interest in physical education and health
  • Sympathetic and caring attitude
  • A real concern for the comfort of patients
  • Good physical health and stamina


Physiotherapy Assistant
Athona Health – Houston, TX 

  • Greet patients and prepared them for therapy
  • Follow and implement treatment plans designed by the physiotherapist
  • Demonstrate and work through exercises with patients
  • Set up equipment in line with prescribed standards
  • Achieve the customer satisfaction award
  • Improve the self-esteem of patients

Physical Therapy Assistant
City Health – Houston, TX 

  • Worked well in a team environment
  • Showed patients how to use mobility aids
  • Kept written records of clients’ development
  • Provided reports to physiotherapists

ABC High School, East Anglia, UK – 2010

MS Word and Excel

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