File Clerk Objective Examples for Resume

Updated on: August 5, 2018

In the role of a file clerk, you need to maintain files, folders, databases, answer questions about the business’ records, make new filing systems, and in some companies, even take care of faxing and photocopying.

Also, you have to sort mail, file information, and some companies may ask you to interact with customers and visitors. Your skills and expertise are precious.

On your File Clerk resume, how will you write your objective statement?

You should be smart about this. Ask yourself, what does a filing clerk do?

Well, s/he keeps the company together by making sure the best possible backup system is available for the people who do the company’s work. Imagine the chaos if the file clerk isn’t available and the boss is trying to tackle the records him/herself!

This is the way you have to think when you’re working on your objective statement. You have to remember what service a file clerk provides to a company, and work accordingly.

Now, try to amalgamate all this into one statement. Let’s see what a file clerk’s objective statement can be like:


File Clerk Resume Objective Examples

• Energetic and organized professional seeking a file clerk position with the St. Luke’s Hospital. Offers extensive skills in maintaining departmental files and ability to perform general office tasks effectively.

• A challenging job as a file clerk with Kendall Auto Group where I will be able to use my communication skills as well as the capability to maintain an organized workspace.

• Seeking a position as a file clerk at Cape Cod Healthcare making the most of my exceptional abilities in record management and extensive experience in secretarial work.

• Looking for a position of filing clerk with Tireman Auto Service to use my secretarial experience and file-keeping abilities to contribute to the success of the office.

• To obtain a clerical position with the ABC Company where exceptional customer service, people, recordkeeping and general office skills will contribute to superior office competence and output.

Remember, a file clerk’s job is a competitive one. Since the objective statement is what prospective employers look at first, the resume with the best objective statement wins!