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Sign Language Interpreter Job Description and Duties

Position Overview A sign language interpreter is hired primarily to help hard of hearing or deaf people understand languages. He or she may work in dedicated schools, or even be part of a corporate firm. In the latter situation, a sign language interpreter helps employees and customers in communicating.   Some duties that a sign… Read More »

Polysomnographic Technologist Job Description

Position Overview It may seem as if the work of a polysomnographic technologist is fun but it is actually quite a lot of hard work. Polysomnographic technologists (or sleep technologists as they are often referred to as) are individuals who administer sleep studies in order to diagnose types and extent of sleep orders.   They… Read More »

Vinyl Sign Maker Job Description for Resume

A vinyl sign maker’s main job is to design and create vinyl signs. He or she may work for a vinyl sign making concern or work independently. As a vinyl sign maker, you will be spending most of your day conferring with customers and offering designs. Also, your work will include creating actual vinyl signs,… Read More »

Voice Actor Job Description for Resume

Working as a voice actor can be a lot of fun. However, it is a lot of hard work too. As a voice actor, your main job is to provide your voice for different genres, such as commercials, TV shows, movies, and documentaries. Typically, voice actors work for studios, where they are expected to see… Read More »

Clothing Presser Job Description

A clothing presser’s role comes under the broader category of laundry workers. People working at this position are required to perform the last part of laundry work – ironing or pressing clothes. Usually, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as a clothing presser. However, if you have any previous… Read More »

Fire Inspector Job Description

A fire inspector is responsible for checking and inspecting buildings to ensure that they are safe from fire. They create and implement fire control methods and standards. Also, they ensure that state and company fire prevention methods are followed. Usually, a bachelor’s degree in fire science or a related field is required to be eligible… Read More »

TV News Anchor Job Description for Resume

TV News Anchor Qualifications A degree in journalism or related field is required if one wants to work as a TV news anchor. But one should not only depend on formal education to obtain this job. You have to be an analytic individual, who possesses exceptional knowledge of the community – and the world, depending… Read More »

Facilitator Job Description for Resume

A facilitator, or rather, a program facilitator is an individual who works under the supervision of a program manager to provide assistance in identifying priorities and developing and maintaining activities under the bigger umbrella of the assigned program. It is a job of great responsibility since one has to possess in-depth knowledge of the program… Read More »

Exterminator Job Description for Resume

Working as an exterminator may not be as much fun as Jesse from Full House makes it seem, but it is a great career for people who are experts at handling pest control activities. So even if Jesse has inspired you to take up this line of career, you will need a little more to… Read More »

TV Script Writer Job Description

Position Overview Writing scripts for television is one of the most exciting jobs ever. Imagine writing something that famous actors will perform on! How awesome! But it is also a lot of hard work. TV script writers are called upon to assist directors and producers in laying the grounds for a series or a show,… Read More »