In order to create a long-lasting impact, a resume for hostess position needs a targeted and tailored objective statement. An objective for a Hostess Resume needs to be attractive enough to compel the reader to continue reading the resume. As a resume is usually a dull document, therefore, it is important to keep the employer’s attention piqued. If the starting point (the objective statement) of a resume is not interesting, the employer will have no reason to read further thereby denying the applicant an interview.

Working in the hospitality industry requires a candidate to possess certain skills and qualities. A job of hostess needs constant attention to detail and exceptional manners where guest services are concerned. A hostess who is applying for a new job needs to write her resume in a way that gets noticed. Hence, the need for an eye-catching resume objective is vital.

Here are a few samples of objective statements that a hostess can use to build a compelling resume.

Sample Objectives for a Hostess Resume

For Entry Level Applicants

● Energetic, dependable individual seeking a position as a hostess with Caesars Palace. Bringing a great passion for making people feel special and a proven ability to think and act fast.

● To obtain a position as a Hostess at McDonald’s utilizing demonstrated hospitality skills and capability of providing attention to individuals to make sure guests really enjoy their dining experience.

For Experienced Applicants

● Goal-oriented professional seeking a Hostess position with a leading hospitality setting. Bringing  exceptional hospitality skills and guest service experience to create a comfortable environment for guests while exceeding the expectations of patrons in a highly stimulating work environment.

● Looking for a position as a Restaurant Hostess at Marriott where experience in providing excellent dining service to guests can be employed in its utmost essence.

● Enthusiastic and highly motivated hostess looking for a position in an environment conducive to customer services and mutual growth.

● A position as a restaurant hostess with Houston City Restaurant where exceptional skills in hospitality and a high degree of enthusiasm can be fully utilized to maximize profits and clients base.

For Healthcare Jobs

● To work for Advocate Health as a Hostess. Offers strong expertise in providing fast and friendly food service to organize a high quality dining experience to residents which meets and exceed their nutritional requirements and service expectations.


Above mentioned objectives are simple and targeted which provide the employer with an insight to the candidate’s personality and her ambitions and goals to benefit the employer. Since they all signify some level of skills or experience, the employer is sure to read the rest of the resume wondering what the candidate can bring to their organization. Writing information in a resume objective that is not relevant to the job will be filtered to a rejection pile.