Top 13 Hostess Resume Objective Examples

Updated: March 31, 2023

To create a long-lasting impact, a resume for the hostess position needs to start with a targeted and tailored objective statement.

A hostess resume objective needs to be attractive enough to compel the reader to continue reading the resume.

Importance of the Objective Statement

As a resume is usually a dull document, therefore, it is essential to pique the employer’s attention at the very beginning. If the starting point (the objective statement) of a resume is attractive, the employer will have a good reason to keep reading and call the applicant in a hostess interview.

A hostess who is applying for a job needs to write her resume in a way that gets noticed. Hence, the need for an eye-catching resume objective is vital.

Here are a few samples of objective statements that you can use to build a compelling hostess resume.

Sample Objectives for a Hostess Resume

Experienced Hostess Objectives

1. Goal-oriented professional seeking a Hostess position at [Company Name]. Bringing exceptional food service skills to provide a great guest experience, create a comfortable environment, and exceed the expectations of patrons in a highly stimulating work environment.

2. Looking for a position as a Restaurant Hostess at Marriott where my 7 years of experience in providing excellent dining service to guests will be used in its absolute essence.

3. Enthusiastic and highly motivated hostess, looking for a position in a busy environment where food service and customer service expertise will be fully utilized to surpass the profit targets.

4. To obtain a position as Hostess / Server at Shelton Inn. Offering hands-on experience in greeting guests and serving food to ensure outstanding service and receive 100% 5-star ratings.

5. To work as a Hostess for Pearl Continental using my refined, cultured, and well-spoken demeanor to provide exceptional services to patrons.

6. Top-performing hostess seeking a position at Grand Hyatt, offering extensive experience in first-tier customer services and related culinary expertise to increase the ratio of returning customers.

7. A job as a restaurant hostess with Houston City Restaurant where exceptional skills in hospitality and a high degree of enthusiasm can be fully utilized to maximize profits and client base.

Entry-Level Hostess Objectives (No Experience)

8. Energetic, dependable individual seeking a position as a hostess with Caesars Palace. Bringing great customer service and food handling knowledge to make guests feel special. Able to think and act fast.

9. To obtain a position as a Hostess at McDonald’s utilizing demonstrated hospitality skills and capability of providing attention to individuals to make sure that guests enjoy their dining experience.

10. Hostess position with Marriott New York utilizing my knowledge of the hospitality industry and strong customer service skills to increase client base and decrease complaints.

11. Looking for a position as a Hostess at Le Grand where my exceptional guest service and communication skills would be used to provide hotel guests with a perfect dining experience. Friendly and fun.

12. Seeking a Hostess position at the ABC Restaurant, utilizing versatility in delivering excellent customer services and exceptional communication skills to contribute to the restaurant’s success.

Healthcare Hostess Objective

13. To work for Advocate Health as a Hostess. Offers strong expertise in providing fast and friendly food service to organize a high-quality dining experience for residents, and meet and exceed their nutritional requirements and service expectations.


As you can see, the above-mentioned objectives are targeted and straightforward that provide the employer with an insight into the candidate’s personality and her ambitions and goals to benefit the employer.

Since objectives contain some level of skills or experience, the employer is sure to read the rest of the resume wondering what the candidate can bring to their organization.

Writing information in a resume objective that is relevant to the job will be filtered to the acceptance pile.

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