Top 6 Steward Resume Objective Examples

Updated September 6, 2022
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If you are in the process of writing a resume for a steward position, then you must make sure that you include an objective statement in your resume. 

Since resumes begin with an objective statement, it needs to be quite strong.

As a steward, your resume objective should highlight all that you know about establishing and maintaining the highest standards of food products, storage, and handling.

In a steward resume objective statement, make sure that you show how well you can handle backend kitchen services.

This information will help a hiring manager decide in your favor. Also, you must focus on your ability to wash and store dishes and flatware, in a safe manner.

It is important to realize that a steward’s job is core to a food service environment. And the resume objective should tell the hiring manager just how important it is.

Even though the resume objective is a short piece of information, it can hold a lot of it, provided that the writer makes an effort to make words talk.

Here are some examples of resume objectives for a steward position that you can obtain ideas from:

6 Best Steward Objectives for Resume

1. Looking for a Steward position at Captain Cook’s. Bringing exceptional knowledge of handling kitchen support functions to provide exceptional cleaning and maintenance service. Special talent for choosing the right materials and equipment for cleaning services.

2. Seeking a Steward position at Royal Pavilion, utilizing a track record in consistently offering professional, engaging, and friendly service. Proven ability to clean dishes as assigned, and assist in the setup and breakdown of service areas.

3. Dexterous and hardworking Steward looking for employment at Harvard Inn. I offer the ability to clean the kitchen and utensils, maintain storage areas, and assist with food storage and rotation.

4. To obtain a position as a Steward at Holiday Inn. Excited to use my skills in maintaining cleanliness and sanitization of the kitchen, performing preventive maintenance on equipment, and ensuring proper waste management.

5. To work as a Steward at The Jeremy. Enthusiastic to apply my exceptional proficiencies in washing dishes and maintaining kitchen cleanliness. Resourceful and diligent, with extensive experience in washing worktables, walls, and kitchen ventilation panels.

6. Hardworking Steward with over 6 years of hands-on experience, looking for a challenging position at ABC Company. Energetic to use my skills in washing dishes, performing preventative maintenance on equipment such as fryers and grills, and storing food items and supplies.

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