The fast food industry is free from recession worldwide. Having said this, there are many job openings in restaurants and cafés; from business franchise opportunities to crew member positions, a restaurant is always ready to hire.

Although the job market is good for people looking for work in a fast food environment, it is by no means an easy job. There are many skills that need to be taken into account before attempting to write a fast food resume.

If you would like to work as a crew member at a fast food chain, you might need to ensure that you have the following skills before you apply for the job:

• Listening actively: Taking orders is one thing but taking them accurately is a totally different thing altogether. If you don’t listen carefully, you end up deliver the wrong order and angering customers

• Speaking effectively: Customers need to know what today’s special is or if there is a new offer. Speaking clearly and concisely is the key to communicating well with the customers

• Service orientation: Customers are bound to get stuck at times deciding what to order. Helping them make a decision by offering suggestions is sure to earn you brownie points

• Monitoring: It is important to monitor yourself and the organization you work for is a skill that most people do not possess but should in order to deliver the perfect customer services

However, people working to obtain a fast food franchise or starting their own fast food restaurant will need a completely different set of skills. Here are examples of a couple of skills that a fast food entrepreneur should posses:

• Business skills: Accounting information, logistics, purchasing activities and health practices are just some of the skills that a business owner will need. Ability to ensure good marketing strategies and human resource management are skills that are an absolute necessity

• Competition assessment: A business owner needs to understand what is in store for this business as far as competition is concerned. Ability to comprehend the competition’s standing in the market by reading business publications and eating at the competition’s restaurant often will let the owner know what he is lacking and how to overcome it

In order to prepare an effective resume for fast food job, you should include some of the following skill statements in your resume.

Sample Skills for Fast Food Resume

• Demonstrated ability to greet customer’s with individual consideration

• Well versed in taking food orders professionally and promptly

• Able to provide thorough information regarding menus and products

• Highly skilled in operating cash register / drawer and receive payment from customer in cash or credit / debit /gift card

• Profound skills in cleaning and stocking work and customer area effectively

• Proficient in assisting with a variety of kitchen-related functions

• Great physical stamina to receive inventory, move and lifts food and beverage products and supplies

• Able to ensure appropriate food handling measures such as wrapping, labeling, storing, rotating and checking temperature of merchandise