Eye Catching Resume Samples

Updated on: July 15, 2019

What an eye-catching and compelling resume consists of?

In Fact, it is a controversial matter.

There are all sorts of resume templates out there that have the capability of really catching an employer’s eye.

However, not all of them are workable. People go an extra mile to make their resumes “eye-catching” by designing them in 3D, like a film reel, a board game and even on t-shirts!

Essential Tips to Make an Eye-Catching Resume

  1. Make it specific and targeted to the requirements of a prospective employer
  2. Use active voice rather than passive
  3. A resume should be written to express your enthusiasm – not to impress the reader
  4. Achievement-based resume will instantly grab the attention of the hiring manager

Make it Simple

Unless specifically asked for by the employer, a resume should be nothing but a well laid out structure on a single page in black and white.

Black ink on white paper is easy to read and looks more professional than a design that is unreadable at first glance.

We discourage the use of fancy styles, fonts, and colors; blank ink will do correctly, and a 12 sized font of Times New Roman works wonders.

Content Matters

Apart from the general resume layout, the content is what catches the eye of a prospective employer.

Since resumes are concise documents, they need to be presented in a way that they seem appealing enough to warrant an interview for the candidate.

Contact information at the top of the resume needs to be correctly formatted where addresses and telephone numbers are concerned.

The objective or professional summary plays a pivotal part in a resume. Make sure that you know what the job entails that you are applying for and write an objective that does not sound selfish.

Easy to Read

Consistency is the key element in a resume. If you write one heading in bold font, make sure you write all of them the same way.

Underlines are an absolute no as they make the text difficult to read. If you need to send your resume electronically, make sure you use a word processor that is being used widely so that the employer does not have issues opening it, e.g., MS Word.

A paper resume will need to be printed on a white A4 sized paper. You can add borders if you want if they do not interfere with the content. Simply, an eye-catching resume is one that is easy to read.

To find an eye-catching resume for your profession search our website for your profession. We wish you the best of luck in your job hunting process.

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