6 Hostess Resume Summary Profile Examples

Updated on: March 31, 2023

A hostess is the face of the establishment that she works for. She greets guests, escorts them to their tables, provides menus, and takes orders.

She should be well-dressed and possess a positive and pleasant attitude.

Once she has made guests comfortable, she is expected to take orders, provide information on daily specials and answer any questions that guests may have.

Additionally, she relays orders to the kitchen and ensures that guests are provided with accurate orders in a time-efficient manner.

Since hostesses are hired on the basis of how well they can perform in a customer-oriented environment, they need to be very careful when writing a resume.

Objective or Summary?

A resume for a hostess position can be started with an objective statement or professional profile/summary. 

A hostess objective is recommended for entry-level hostesses with no experience.

If you have some experience in the hospitality industry, you can start your resume with 2-3 lines of hostess summary statements describing your overall personality.

Many employers make crucial decisions by reading resume summaries which is why it is essential to write a compelling summary when preparing a resume.

You can get help from the following examples of resume summaries for the position of hostess:

Hostess Resume Summary / Profile Examples

1. Calm, focused, and highly-motivated hostess with 3+ years of dedicated experience working as a hostess in busy environments. Track record of providing exceptional first-tier services. Great communication skills aimed at making guests comfortable.

2. Professionally trained hostess with extensive experience in providing first-contact services in hotels with five-star ratings. Highly-developed customer service and leadership skills with a deep focus on accuracy and time efficiency.

3. Dynamic and committed hostess with 7+ years of experience working in hospitality and food service settings. Enthusiastic to provide a high level of professional and personal excellence to patrons and guests. Absolute focus on maintaining patronage and ensuring recurring business.

4. A versatile, customer-focused, and competent hostess with 5+ years of hands-on experience in the hospitality arena. Demonstrated work ethics and excellent problem-solving skills aimed at retaining customer patronage.

5. Highly-dependable, hardworking hostess with a hands-on approach to providing quality guest services. Outgoing personality with a unique ability to adapt appropriately to delicate situations. Ability to learn in the face of criticism.

6. A self-directed, pleasant, and resourceful individual with a decade of experience in diverse waitressing capacities. Strong familiarity with the hospitality and food service industries with a successful track record of providing exceptional customer service.

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